Monday, September 19, 2005

Babbling Post

I've been crazy busy and hence the no posting lately. So here is what has been going on lately in a nutshell.

Work is nuts; moved my office across the building from the rest of my department because we ran out of room and I'm the only one that is moveable. And I'm so busy that I haven't had time to unpack a thing except what was on my desk when I moved.

We leave in two weeks for a week vacation to Maine (yippee). Leave on the day of a major event in which I have to have all of my holiday events planned and printed.

In wedding this past weekend. It was beautiful and the bride was gorgeous. I'm exhausted. I can't hang like I used to. Got to dance which I haven't done since before I got pregnant. There is something just wrong about a 6 month pregnant woman rolling to Usher. But I had a blast.

Have another wedding next weekend. Have 3 more between then and the end of the year. Fun stuff really.

Oh and we are in the middle of planning for next year at work on top of everything else.

We have done absolutely zero on the baby's room. In fact, I haven't even cleared out the room from when we moved in last Thanksgiving.

So, needless to say, Momma is exhausted and busy and blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat. I miss it though and hope to be back soon.

Oh and hubby bought us a computer. Not sure when we get it or when we will get internet, but OMG I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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