Friday, July 29, 2005


Found this over at Amber's Place. Very interesting. Words in bold are mine. will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!

jasmine is welcome in winter
jasmine is this?
jasmine is a naked gun
jasmine is sexy =9 duh (Yeah Duh!)
jasmine is a qualified masseuse and offers a sensual (Sensual WHAT?)
jasmine is not happy this year
jasmine is available for adoption (Oh, really?)
jasmine is seven months old
jasmine is six months old
jasmine is a beautiful 16 inch black porcelain doll
jasmine is better than belle or ariel (I agree)
jasmine is incredulous at being told her experience with the (...)
jasmine is less than a two minute walk from the beautiful white sand taylor beach
jasmine is good ground cover fast
jasmine is welcome in winter by lee reich
jasmine is drooping (don't tell the whole world!)
jasmine is a qualified masseuse and offers a sensual erotic body 2 body massage (so that's the answer)
jasmine is jammin' in africa
jasmine is the sweetest cat i could ever (I don't even want to knwo what you could ever)
jasmine is called "the king of oils"
jasmine is very expensive (Damn skippy)
jasmine is an innovative musician (not so much)
jasmine is talking about?
jasmine is a beautiful 16" black porcelain doll (still?)
jasmine is a full object oriented database system
jasmine is a plant native to the south
jasmine is one scent nearly everyone loves
jasmine is a very powerful fragrance with a full (here we go again)
jasmine is calming
jasmine is useful with the following
jasmine is indigenous of himalayas of western china
jasmine is a true object database with an integrated development environment and a robust multi
jasmine is both strange and romantic in that its blooms open only at night
jasmine is regular presenter/reporter on sky digital?s ?simply money? channel
jasmine is over 25 years old
jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind when one thinks of sweet fragrance
jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind when one thinks
jasmine is evocative of warm
jasmine is a single or multistemmed shrub or
jasmine is nothing fancy to look at
jasmine is realising that its competitive edge
jasmine is aware of the importance of sport
jasmine is a popular groundcover
jasmine is ready for the holidays in this forest green confection
jasmine is a recovering alcoholic and johnnie walker keeps calling her name
jasmine is a sacred flower known as ?moonlight of the grove?
jasmine is incredibly strong
jasmine is a large
jasmine is the happiest baby i've ever known
jasmine is a pure object
jasmine is an evergreen fragile climbing shrub that can grow up to 10 meters
jasmine is incredulous at being told her experience with the alien dr
jasmine is
jasmine is wearing a gold band round one arm
jasmine is so harsh that it demands a touch of the true oil to soften it
jasmine is the next
jasmine is heaven sent
jasmine is one of the most recent
jasmine is fast
jasmine is an evergreen or semi
jasmine is a one of a kind alpaca with a personality that is all her own
jasmine is furious with him saying he should have consulted her first
jasmine is stabbed and seriously injuried it is julie who looks after her
jasmine is extremely polydexterous
jasmine is also a dog
jasmine is very much in touch with the personal wishes of her group and cleverly adapts the visit accordingly
jasmine is the princess of agrabah
jasmine is a true ground cover; its
jasmine is approximately 8 days
jasmine is getting worse
jasmine is a major breakthrough for enterprise developers
jasmine is referred to as "the king"
jasmine is outgoing
jasmine is strong sensual stimulant
jasmine is far more powerful than its queen
jasmine is it usually has a quite strong fragrance
jasmine is best pruned in late winter
jasmine is the daughter of alice and glenn gadie of detroit
jasmine is active
jasmine is an exclusive
jasmine is a black & white male alaskan malamute who is about 9½ years old and weighs approximately 75 pounds
jasmine is an absolute delight
jasmine is a 9 year old pitbull
jasmine is the blonde bombsite er
jasmine is a sturdy
jasmine is an overwriting
jasmine is classified as jasminum officinale

I gave up half way through with the witty comments.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

4:00 AM

We had an interesting morning today. At 4:00 AM hubby jumped out of bed because he said someone had rang the door bell. I didn't hear anything and I usually hear everything. He had pulled the gun out and I lay there wondering what to do and my heart beating wildly. Hubby came back from the living room laughing. I could not figure out what could possibly be funny. This is what was so funny.

And More fun.
This is what I found when I went to step out the back door.

And here is the funniest part. This is hubby's car. This is Tigger, going "What the hell is that?"

It seems that some of hubby's buddies decided to play at our house last night. I didn't think it was so funny at 4 or 5 or 6 for that matter, but 7:30, hilarious!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Traveling Hand Signals

I sit in quite a bit of traffic living in the vicinity of Houston as you can imagine. My main route home is currently under construction as well so I sit for about 45 minutes a day in mind numbing traffic. On occasion I will take back roads, although it takes a little longer even with the traffic on the main roads, but it is usually a more pleasant drive.

Sitting in traffic one day I thought how nice it would be to communicate with other drivers via hand signals, and no, I'm not talking about that one signal we all use when we are angry. No, signals that would tell us something about what was up ahead. Similar to the flashing of one's headlights to signal a police officer up ahead. We could have signals for "accident ahead" or "stalled car" or signals that might tell us how much farther to get past said problem, "10 more minutes". Signals such as, "Take the feeder/frontage road instead" or, "It's hopeless, turn around now."

Traveling hand signals would be used by drivers coming from the opposite direction to help us decide the best way to go about our business. Sometimes I think it would help me be patient if I at least had an idea of why I was moving so slow. If there is an accident, I try to be patient by telling myself that it could be worse, and I could be the one in an accident, so me being stuck in traffic is considerably better than having to deal with an accident or being hurt. Same goes for a stalled car. Being that I have always driven older, not so reliable vehicles, I can always be thankful that it is not me stuck on the side of the road.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Want some help?

Is it just me or does anyone else get the heebie jeebies from that damn paperclip helper guy that pops up in Micros*ft Word? I always feel like he is wiggling his eyebrows at me and saying, "Hey, baby, want some help?" in a dirty old man kind of way, know what I mean?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I feel good...

It is so wonderful to be able to say, "I feel good," when people ask how I am feeling. After 2 months of doing nothing but bitch and moan every time someone asked how I was feeling, I even prefer to hear myself say, "great!"

Thank you to all of the Mommies and Daddies that gave me advice on diapers. Now to just get hubby to add me to the Sam's account so I can go a diaper hunting. I know I am starting early, but my boss said that it worked so well for her and her hubby and they didn't have to spend a lot of money all at once, but spread it out, so I thought I would try it. Now I really need to start cleaning out the guestroom and turning it into the baby's room. I have gotten my first stuff for the room, thanks to my step mother, who could barely wait until the 2nd trimester cut off line before buying stuff. Pictures to come, or there is a link to my registery over there on the right.

And there comes the end of my attention span...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

From Blue Butts to Baby Butts

To all you mommies out there, I have a question. Pampers or Huggies? Or does it matter? I am going to start buying diapers every week now, hopefully on sale, but not sure where to start. Any ideas on how many of each size I should buy? Help!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Smurf Butt

Saturday afternoon I walked into our master bath, because I do that a lot these days. I flipped on the light because something looked weird on the seat. Sure enough, the seat was blue. In the shape of a butt. Blue Butt. I called my hubby to see if maybe he had sprayed something on the seat that might have reacted with skin or something. We could not figure it out. I joked that it had to be hubby's butt, because there was no way my butt was that big. Ahh, denial. I was scared to sit on the seat since I didn't know what was wrong with it, so I started using the guest bath.

Last night, we went to my parents for dinner. I was in the restroom a couple of times during our stay, simply because I now have a bladder the size of a pea. As we were getting ready to leave, hubby went in to relieve himself and afterward called me in there. Guess what was there. Blue Butt. Guess whose fault? I have Smurf Butt. I think it must have something to do with a chemical reaction between two medications I am taking that I started on Friday. It really is strange though. See for yourself.

Smurf Butt Toilet

Friday, July 15, 2005

Turtle Friday

Can this day possibly go any slower? Today has felt like a Monday and I have the mood to prove it. Why is it when a day starts bad, everything that follows has some bad in it too.

Looking for to hopefully having the new Harry Potter book at home when I get there. But, I'm not holding out hope, just because UPS says it's in the general area, does not mean it is going to be on my doorstep. And of course, it would be one more thing that didn't go my way today.

Bah Humbug!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Age of Innocence: 16 & 17

Since 16 & 17 are so close and kind of run into each other, I will cover them together in one post.

I was 16 at the beginning of my Junior year in High schoool. At this time, I was a member of our high kick drill team, The Band Aids. We were considered part of the band and performed with the band, hence the name Band Aids. Not because some of our routines were especially brutal. I remember on routine to the song Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where we went from a standing position and fell straight onto our faces. We of course, or hopefully, caught ourselves with our hands. That was the intent anyways. In practicing to get this move right, we ended up with many bruised knees. At least until we discovered that knee pads were miracle workers. Too bad we couldn't wear them during the performance. At least that would be on the football field.

When I turned 16 or soon after, my Dad gave me his old car. It was a mint green 1981 Mazda 626. I didn't care what it was, it was a CAR. Not long after I got it, I would be driving along and all of a sudden it wouldn't go into any gear and then white smoke would poor out the tail pipe. I kept telling my father about the problems, but the car would never do it for him. He finally took it into the mechanic and they told him the engine was going to blow up. Told you so.

I remember my Dad taking me and my friend Lauren for our learner's permits. The day we were going, it poured and I remember, driving down Willowbend on the wrong side of the road. Technically we were actually on the sidewalk and on people's lawns. We had to be or we would have just gotten stuck and we were getting those permit's come hell or high water. Pun intended. I remember a bus came by and we rocked back and forth from the waves. That was the day I learned that as long as you kept on the gas so that water did not get into the tail pipe, you should be okay driving through semi-high water. Don't quote me on that.

I remember driver's ed too. I remember almost going into a ditch one day with someone driving. Most of all I remember the video they showed us about trying to beat trains. It was disturbing and has had a lasting affect on me for sure. I will never try to beat a train.

At the end of my Junior Year, at 17, I had try outs for cheerleading. At that time you could not be a cheerleader until your senior year. Our senior year would be the first year that we allowed Juniors. We had practice every day after school with the current squad. I remember hours of my arms going up and down into all different cheer positions. It was hard work. I would come home sore every day, but I didn't care. I had wanted to be a cheerleader for as long as I could remember. Try outs came and I was so nervous. We had to go out on stage and do our cheers while the judges sat out somewhere in the dark auditorium and watched us in the spotlight. I am sure that I said I did horrible. I remember the day they were announcing who made the squad. All of us that tried out sat in the hallway awaiting the announcements. The outgoing squad came over the loud speaker to announce the 1992-93 Cheerleading Squad. They had made up two line little poems for each of us. I don't remember what mine said, but I remember being so happy I made it. I may have that poem somewhere.

The summer between my Junior and Senior year was spent practicing for cheerleading. Hours in the sun practicing stunts and cheers and pyramids and more. This summer was also a summer that would change my life forever. At this time my Mother and sister lived in Mexico. my mother ran a small resort in the Yucatan about 4 hours south of Cancun. This would be last summer I would visit here. It was the 3rd or 4th summer that I had been coming to visit mother in this particular location. My mother never stayed in one place very long. This summer my Mother got married. I remember finding my sister at the wedding. She was drinking Mescal, a very strong drink. Keep in mind my sister is 4 years younger than me. I took one sip of that stuff and about threw up. Yuck. But she kept drinking it.

Later that night something happened that forever changed my view of the world. I am not ready to tell that story yet, but maybe someday. I have started to write it, but don't know that I am ready to share that with the world yet.

Back to happier times. High school was your typical drama central. I had a boyfriend and then I didn't. I had a best friend and then I didn't. I turned 18 in December of 1993 and graduated the following May. I left high school behind me when I graduated and never looked back really until my 10 year reunion two years ago, where I reunited with so many of my girl friends that I had been missing all these years. I am glad to have them all back in my life. Now I can really appreciate them.

I spent much of high school depressed and disappointed. I expected a lot of other people and when those expectations (which were usually unreasonable) were not met, I was angry and hurt. I spent a lot of time angry and hurt and I look back now and it's such a shame that I could not enjoy the blessings I had in my life. I had always wanted to be a cheerleader, but my experiences on the squad were dampened by my negative view of the world and my high expectations of others to make/keep me happy. I look back now and realize how lucky I was and how blessed I was. I am so thankful that at least now I appreciate all the things and people around me. I am healed. I am blessed. I am happy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Age of not-so-Innocence: 21

Ahh, 21, good times, good times. Hard to believe it was 9 years ago, almost 10. Again, my memories will be of around that time period.

It was 1996. I was at the University of Texas in my 4th year of my 6 years I would be there, or my first senior year. I lived with my best friend in the whole world, Mel, and we went everywhere together. Many people didn't recognize us unless we were together. I think by this time she had already graduated, so our schedules were a little different now, but we still spent a lot of time together.

I was working in the bar scene as a manager for a contract shot company (shot as in liquor shot). I worked pretty much every week, Wednesday - Saturday. I worked all over Austin from country bars to 6th street and even a couple bars in San Antonio on occasion. We went out Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, just about every week. We were party people, as anybody who works in the bar scene knows. I smoked and drank, a lot. So turning 21 was kind of a let down. Now don't get me wrong, I was happy to finally be able to drink legally, whenever and wherever I wanted and Mel was happy because now she wasn't the only one who could go to store and buy liquor.

We went to 6th street for my 21st birthday. I think it was just me and Mel actually. I was pretty sober that night, although I think I did get sick off a Yager shot, but Yager always made me sick. My shot of choice at the time was Goldschlager, which now just makes my stomach turn. I could drink like you wouldn't believe. Mel and I would go to parties and she would brag that I could drink anyone under the table. As long as it was beer, I pretty much could. Not so proud of that now, but at the time it was pretty cool.

I did a lot of country western dancing at that time and that is what kept me in shape through college. If it wasn't for dancing, my diet of fast food and beer and eating at 3:00 in the morning would have definitely caught up with me. I even was on a team for a short while.

We spent lots of time out on Lake Travis or Lake Austin, in the greenbelt or at Zilker Park. This was a time for spontaneity and we loved to just get up and go. In my sophmore year in the middle of spring break, Mel and decided we would drive to Taos, NM and we did. Just like that. The carefree feeling of that time I miss sometimes. No worries, no cares, a drink and a smoke and all was good.

I can't really remember, but I think I had a serious boyfriend at that time, but my years get blurry, especially around 21, if you know what I mean. When Mel and I were single, boy were we dangerous. We were called the kissing bandits. If we got enough alcohol in us and the boys were cute enough, well, let's just say, we weren't shy.

Mel and I went to as many football and baseball games as we could. The coach of the baseball team even knew us because we spent so much time at the field. Disch Falk was one of my favorite places to study and I still love that feel to this day. We would sit on the first base line right at the edge of the net and taunt the players. We knew every player and some of their stats. We got to know the TV crews. We went on a lot of great road trips to watch games. I still love watching the Longhorns play, whether it's football or baseball, Hook Em!

21 was an age where I was happy. I was still finding myself and had my share of hard times. I went to school full time and worked about 40 hours a week also. But I made good money and school came out okay, even though it took me 6 years to graduate, I did it. And I paid for it and will be paying for it probably til the day I die. I'm glad I went. College was a wonderful experience for me and I finally was able to be who I really was and enjoy that person.

And there you have The Age of not-so-Innocence: 21.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Age of Innocence: 14

Age 14. Again, my "memories" are somewhat fuzzy of that time and not for a reason that had anything to do with mind altering anything. Age 14, I believe was my last year in junior high. This is a little fuzzy too since I started 1st grade early, but then took 4th grade twice (that's a whole other story) so I think I was in 8th grade.

I went to a magnet school for physical education so I did an hour of dance and an hour of gymnastics per day rather than PE, thank God. Even though I had to wear a leotard, it was still better than the bright blue and yellow PE outfits those in PE had to wear. By 8th grade I was used to having to run around in a leotard in front of the boys, even though it still wasn't the most comfortable thing.

I remember some of my favorite pieces of clothing during this time. One was an acid washed jean skirt that had three layers. You may be laughing your butt off right now, but at the time I was stylin'. Another outfit came from Esprit, very cool in those days, and was splatter painted all over in different colors. I know, go ahead and say it, DORK.

It was in 8th grade that I had my first love. Brian S. We went together for I don't know how long. It seemed like forever, but it was probably something more like 3 weeks. We would write notes back and forth and talk on the phone when he wasn't grounded. My taste in boys at that age was the skater type. I liked the little bit of bad boy in them and the spikey hair that went high and then came down over one eye. I "went with" this one skater guy that was black and he had this really deep voice. When he would call my parents thought he was much older. I never told them he was black. (Nice little Jewish girl dating a black guy, wouldn't have gone over well). That one lasted probably a week and a half. He wanted more, but I wasn't all that interested.

I spent lots of time in my room making up dances to songs from the Top Gun record, yes record, and taping (yes taping) my favorite songs off the radio. I was into Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure and other bands like that.

8th grade was kind of a milestone for me. Not only because next year I would be going to high school, but I had actually gone to the same school for a whole 3 years, we hadn't moved and I had actually started to make some friends. I remember I would cry at the end of each school year because I was going to miss my friends so much. Each summer I would go to NM to visit my Mom. I really didn't have many friends there.

I was a good teenager. I didn't have much freedom, so I went to friends' houses, had sleep overs and that was really about it. I spent a lot of time in my room reading and just avoiding my house.

Oh, and I had to ride the bus to school. The school was not the one closest to our house, which was 3 blocks from our house. That is where I had to catch the bus. It was really embarrassing to be sitting at one Junior High to catch a bus to another Junior High. You look like you belong there, but you don't know any body. I can't remember if it was this year or not, but one year the bus we got for my area of town was the short bus. Yes the short bus. You can imagine the jokes. Go ahead, make one.

And that my friends, is the Age of Innocence at 14. Next time, we will discuss The Age of Innocence at 21 and then later 16 and 17. Feel free to give me another age to remember if you haven't "played" yet.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Age of Innocence

My sister asked, so innocently, to remember the age of 4:

I don't "remember" a whole lot, but I can think back and imagine from what I know now. We lived in a nice little house in Taos, NM with my Mom and my step-dad (it's weird to write that since I have never really considered him my step-dad, but that is the best way to describe it). I had my fourth birthday and a mere 8 days later, my sister was born. I don't remember the birth, but she was born at home. Not sure where I was, but most likely I was there or maybe with friends.

From that house and that time period, I remember the old white appliances in the kitchen. I had stuck Valentine's stickers over most of them. The fridge, the stove - come to think of it, those were the only appliances we really had, unless you count the black stove that sat in the middle of the living room that was the only source of heat for the house.

I remember the huge tree in the front yard that I loved to climb. When you got under it, it was almost dark and you could look up and see all the branches, with very little light shining through. I would climb on the lower limbs til I got high enough that I was scared. I climbed on anything and everything. That is why my Mom built me a jungle gym. Maybe that way I would quit climbing on the furniture. She also put me in gymnastics.

I also have a memory of that house of the backyard. It had a huge backyard. As you stepped out the back door- the only door we really used, the first thing you saw was of course the Volkswagen. I can't remember what we had then, it could have been a bug or a van, I think we had both at times. Definitely a van. The next thing you saw was a tepee - a full size real tee pee. I don't know why, but we had fun playing in it. Back way in the back of the yard was an old adobe building that was partially eroded. There was no roof and no doors or windows. It was very open and most of the time it scared me. Now I don't know if this is really a real memory, but I have always thought of that house in this way. At a certain time of the year, that house would fill with ladybugs. In my memory, you would walk in and parts of the walls would be almost red. I love that memory, so if it isn't real, I don't want to know.

So that was The Age of Innocence at 4.

Next time The Age of Innocence at 14 requested by Flying Piggies.

And then The Age of not-so-Innocence at 21 requested by Mrs. Mogul.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Age of Innocence

I thought I would try something other than talk about pregnancy and blah, blah, blah, so I came up with The Age of Innocence. A little game per se.

Pick an age, or an age range and I will regale you with a story or memory of that time. Or tell me something about that time in your life. Or just tell me something.

Wheel of Fortune

No, not that one. Found this over at Blah Blah...

I am The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents unexpected encounters and twists of fate. You can't predict surprises; you can only be aware when one is circling around. Indeed, Card 10 often suggests wheel-like actions - changes in direction, repeating cycles and rapid movement. When the energy of the Wheel arrives, you will feel life speed up. You are caught in a cyclone that may deposit you anywhere. "Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows."

For a full description of your card and other goodies, please visit

What tarot card are you? Enter your birthdate.

Month: Day: Year:

Rachel Dachel

I was 16 the summer we picked her out. I don't remember how it came about that we would get a dog, but I remember that we were getting a puppy! It was a rare time that my sister and I were both with my Mom for the summer and we picked her out together. All I remember is a large fence behind a warehouse and walking back behind the building to where the puppies were. She was a big ball of black fur, you could hardly see her feet. I don't know how we decided on her either, but we did and we took her home. I imagine that we played with her for the rest of the day. She was mostly chow so she had that colored tongue and I imagine I loved letting her lick my face with her puppy breath. How we came up with Rachel for a name, I don't know either. I know Mom came up with it and that was the end of it. Rachel the black chow, forever known as Rachel Dachel or Good Dog.

And she was a good dog. She was a great dog. Somewhat of an escape artist though. She could figure out how to climb the highest fences and escape a seemingly escape-proof yard. She was known to chase after things on a camping trip and once got out and attacked the neighbors rabbits. That was not fun. I remember a time she killed a bird, and Mom tied the bird around her neck to teach her not to do it again. I cried and cried at the punishment, both for the bird and for Rachel.

She had 3 or 4 litters of puppies, all balls of fur just like her. She was fiercely protective. She didn't like strangers, and even less men. She grew up in a household full of women, my sister, me and my Mom, on the rare occasion we were all there at once. She was Mom's companion through all the years she was single and remains her loyal companion today.

But today, Rachel has trouble getting up. Her joints have erroded. She is forgetful and can't hear. Her sight is failing also. And so today, she will go to a place where she is no longer in pain and she will remember the good days.

RIP Rachel Dachel. We will miss you.

A Sad Day

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in London. What a sad day.