Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Door to The Inside

This is our front door. Shot from the inside. It really is a shame we rarely use this door.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

News from the home front

Last night, after we had put Boo Bear to bed and dinner was on the table, Hubby and I sat down to eat. We asked God's blessing for our food and began to eat. All of a sudden, Hubby looked at me, got this look on his face and said, "Don't move." He got out of his chair, walked around the table to me. I looked up at him, he again told me not to move. I thought I had a bug in my hair. He sat studying my hair for a moment, then grabbed something and tugged. I felt the hair pulled from my head, from the root. Hubby, exlaimed, "ah ha!" He stuck what he had triumphantly pulled from my head and there it was before me. My first gray hair. It was about 2.5 inches long and glared at me in defiance. I tried to explain it away as just being a random blond hair, but there really was not getting away from it. Luckily, I'm not one to make a big deal out of such things. Now hubby on the other hand, who I might mention has been going gray for awhile now, just lightly peppered into his blondish brown hair, but gray never the less, decided this was quite a big deal. Such a big deal that he chose to mount my first gray hair to a blank white envelope with tape and write the details of the momentous event on the piece of paper, forever memorializing that moment. Gotta love him. I blame that gray hair on my 2.5 year old!

My dear friends, I can't help but love that man. You can barely see it in the pic, but to the right of the words 1st and Gray, there is my 2.5 inch long gray hair taped to an envelope.

Friday, June 06, 2008


I find it funny that on the inside of a diaper pack, there is a coupon for Kote*x. Big people diaper coupons in the little diaper package.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pictures from Home

The view down the driveaway early in the morning. Boo Bear on the back patio playing in her sandbox.

Skeeter in her bouncy seat smiling away!

The Side of the Garage

Well, nothing too exciting, but check back for more EXCITING STORIES OF HOME!

Monday, June 02, 2008

What is home to me?

Well, we know how defines Home, but what does Home mean to me?

Home is where my husband is. The husband that loves me unconditionally. The husband the works so hard to care for his family. The husband that empties the dishwasher for me in the morning so I have one less thing to do. The husband who kindly says, "I'll take over" when he sees I've reached my breaking point. The husband that is the father to my two beautiful girls. The husband who is patient and kind and loving and all the things I wished for and never thought I would get.

Home is where my children are. Where my Savvy runs around non-stop from 6, 7, or 8 am until 8 pm daily. Where her little voice can alternately drive me crazy and make my heart melt. Where my Gracie wakes me at 1 or 2 or 3 and 6 or 7 or 8 am to tell me she's hungry and feed me now before I wake up my sister. Where my Gracie watches her sister run around and smiles and talks to her.

Home is where my carpet is dirty, my tile is filthy, my tubs aren't clean and my toilets aren't scrubbed and I'm okay with that, because my kids are clean (ok, sometimes), the meals are cooked and my bed is oh so comfy when I fall into it at night. Home is where my stuff is, the stuff I could live without if I needed to, but the stuff that I have become comfortable with, even if some of that stuff is dirty.

BUT... all that is nothing compared to the home, my true home, in heaven which I look forward to most of all.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Home...The Beginning

What is home?

From, Home is defined as:

1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
2. the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.
3. an institution for the homeless, sick, etc.: a nursing home.
4. the dwelling place or retreat of an animal.
5. the place or region where something is native or most common.
6. any place of residence or refuge: a heavenly home.
7. a person's native place or own country.
8. (in games) the destination or goal.
9. a principal base of operations or activities: The new stadium will be the home of the local football team.
10. Baseball. home plate.
11. Lacrosse. one of three attack positions nearest the opposing goal. –adjective
12. of, pertaining to, or connected with one's home or country; domestic: home products.
13. principal or main: the corporation's home office.
14. reaching the mark aimed at: a home thrust.
15. Sports. played in a ball park, arena, or the like, that is or is assumed to be the center of operations of a team: The pitcher didn't lose a single home game all season. Compare away (def. 11). –adverb
16. to, toward, or at home: to go home.
17. deep; to the heart: The truth of the accusation struck home.
18. to the mark or point aimed at: He drove the point home.
19. Nautical.
a. into the position desired; perfectly or to the greatest possible extent: sails sheeted home.
b. in the proper, stowed position: The anchor is home.
c. toward its vessel: to bring the anchor home. –verb (used without object)
20. to go or return home.
21. (of guided missiles, aircraft, etc.) to proceed, esp. under control of an automatic aiming mechanism, toward a specified target, as a plane, missile, or location (often fol. by in on): The missile homed in on the target.
22. to navigate toward a point by means of coordinates other than those given by altitudes.
23. to have a home where specified; reside. –verb (used with object)
24. to bring or send home.
25. to provide with a home.
26. to direct, esp. under control of an automatic aiming device, toward an airport, target, etc. —Idioms
27. at home,
a. in one's own house or place of residence.
b. in one's own town or country.
c. prepared or willing to receive social visits: Tell him I'm not at home. We are always at home to her.
d. in a situation familiar to one; at ease: She has a way of making everyone feel at home.
e. well-informed; proficient: to be at home in the classics.
f. played in one's hometown or on one's own grounds: The Yankees played two games at home and one away.
28. bring home to, to make evident to; clarify or emphasize for: The irrevocability of her decision was brought home to her.
29. home and dry, British Informal. having safely achieved one's goal.
30. home free,
a. assured of finishing, accomplishing, succeeding, etc.: If we can finish more than half the work today, we'll be home free.
b. certain to be successfully finished, accomplished, secured, etc.: With most of the voters supporting it, the new law is home free.
31. write home about, to comment especially on; remark on: The town was nothing to write home about. His cooking is really something to write home about.

Well that certainly gives us a starting point and a lot to talk about in the month of June. Happy Home Blogging.