Monday, January 30, 2006

Two weeks and one day

Savvy turned two weeks old yesterday and on some levels it feels like she has been here forever and on other levels it feels like it is all so new still and I can't believe she belongs to us. I am living my life in two hour intervals it seems most of the time. We took her out to dinner on Saturday night and then she and I had our first solo outing on Sunday to meet my parents, aunt, uncle and Nana for breakfast. It felt so good to drive the car. The little things we take for granted everyday are brought into perspective when you have a child.

We are both doing well. She is a really good baby. She has been a little fussy from what we think is gas/constipation. She grunts and grunts and makes faces and doesn't always go to the bathroom. She still likes to save up her poo for a 2 hour time period per day. I guess that is okay.

I'm about to say something that may horrify many of you mothers. Please look away if it is too awful for you. Here we go...

I fit into my prepregnancy jeans!!! I couldn't believe it. Please don't hate me because I'm jeanful.

And now for what you have really all been waiting for, cuteness in pictures.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Advice from Momma

To my dear Savannah, always remember these things. These are things I hope to teach you as you grow. I will add this list to my sidebar and continually add to it, I hope, if I can figure out how.
  • Don't judge others too quickly, lest they do the same to you.
  • But, generally, you can judge a person by how they treat a waiter, their mother and a valet.
  • You are the only one responsible for your actions. No matter what. Live so that you are proud of yourself and your decisions.
  • Be accountable always for your actions. Admit when you are wrong and stand up when you are right.
  • Live in such a way that God would be proud of you.
  • Stand up for what you believe in. Those beliefs may change over time and that is okay too.
  • Live your life so that you have no regrets. Our experiences, both good and bad, make us who we are each day.
  • Life is full of change. Be flexible and go with the flow-it is so much easier than fighting change.
  • Happiness comes from within. No one has control over your emotions except you. With each experience, you have a choice as to how you will react to it. Choose wisely.
  • Love yourself above all else. If you don't love yourself, you cannot fully love someone else and you cannot let someone else fully love you.
  • No matter what, your father and I will always love you.
  • Always use kind words when speaking of others. You never know one's current situation and we do not want to be hurtful.
  • Sometimes a new hairdo can change your whole outlook.
  • But, always remember, beauty comes from within. If you are beautiful on the inside, it will shine through.
  • Remember, there are always consequences for our actions. Make decisions based on the consequences.
  • Do the things you want to do today. When you are old, you will not regret the things you did so much as the things you never did.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Arrival of Savannah Leigh

The Birth Story of Savannah Leigh

Born January 15, 2006
4:24 PM
8 lbs 6 ozs 21 inches long

I was officially due on January 8th so was a week past due and scheduled to be induced on Monday, January 16th. In the week between the 8th and the 16th I had grown tremendously and was starting to be tired of being pregnant, mostly because of the worry of being past due more than anything. Each day brought new worry that he/she wasn't okay. (We didn't know she was a girl and were positive that she was actually a boy- insert God laughing here). I was also worried because my Mom was scheduled to fly back to NM on Monday and had run out of time off, so she had to go back regardless. I could not imagine the birth of my first child without my mother there. Other than avoiding an induction, this was my top priority (other than the obvious of a healthy baby). The other main factor was that my doctor had been out of town and was getting back on Sunday. I really wanted her to deliver our baby and not the doctor on call.

On Saturday I thought it might be possible that I was leaking fluid so we took a trip to the hospital, but it was a false alarm. We visited with friends who just had their baby at the hospital and then came home to wait some more.

I woke up at 4:30 am on Sunday, January 15th to a pretty hard contraction. I had been having contractions off and on for about a week and a half. Most of the time they were not painful, but occasionally I would have a painful one. I laid in bed for about a half an hour and kept having contractions so I finally got up and moved to the couch. I started keeping track and they were about 6 minutes apart and pretty strong. I wasn't in too much pain, but they were making me take notice. I went outside and took some pictures of the sunset, wondering if today would be my baby's birthday. At about 8:30 I woke up my husband and told him that my contractions were pretty regular and that this might actually be it. He got up and we took a shower. My Mom was up by the time I had blow dried my hair and we called the doctor. The doctor said to go on in to the hospital and get checked. As we gathered up our stuff, I hoped that this would not be another false alarm.

We drove to the hospital with my contractions getting closer to 5 minutes apart. We arrived at about 10:30 am. It took a little while to walk in as I was beginning to be in a lot more pain. When we checked in and they put me in a triage room and checked me I was at 3 cm and 100% effaced. This was about where I had been at my last doctor's appointment on Thursday so I was somewhat disappointed. They were having trouble getting my contractions to show up on the monitor as well as keeping a good reading on the baby's heartrate. Her heartrate was good, they just couldn't get the monitor in a good place. My MIL arrived shortly after we did. We called my Dad and StepMom and they called back shortly to say they were delayed because their waterbed had sprung a leak. We joked that their water had broken. The nurse told me to walk around the hospital for an hour and come back and get monitored again. The hospital was pretty quiet so hubby and I walked the halls, stopping with contractions for me to hang on his neck and make it through the contractions. They were getting worse and I was praying that all this pain meant that I was progressing.

We went back to triage when the hour was up and got hooked back up to the monitor. They were still having trouble getting the contractions to show up on the monitor. I don't know if they didn't believe I was having contractions, but I was very vocal about the pain I was in, so I don't know how you wouldn't think I was in labor. When the nurse checked me I was still at 3cm, but she gave me a 3-4 cm when she saw the look on my face. She said they would monitor me for a little longer and then I would either have to walk some more or they were going to send me home. Hubby couldn't believe they would send me home in the pain I was in.

About 5 minutes later I felt this kick and then a gush of fluid. My water broke!!! Either my Mom or my MIL went and told the nurse and her response was, "Instant admission". Unfortunately, the hospital had gotten busy and they didn't have the staff to staff all the rooms, so they didn't have a room available for me. At this hospital we labor, deliver and recover all in the same room. I didn't really care at this point although we had up to 7 people in our little triage room at a time and it was tight. At some point my Dad and Stepmom showed up, but time had ceased to be something real to me. I was in a lot of pain and was having severe back labor. Each contraction may have had a beginning and an end, but the pain never stopped. They still couldn't get them to show up on the monitor. I was getting lost in the contractions and having trouble focusing some. My dad, stepmom and MIL took turns applying pressure to my back, while I focused on my husband and my mom talking me through each contraction. I guess about 12:30 pm I couldn't take it anymore. I was dreading each upcoming contraction and couldn't do it anymore and certainly couldn't imagine doing it for hours, so I broke down and asked for the epidural. Someone went to the tell the nurse and she said she would get it going. At some point she came in and started my IV. I moved during the first try so she tried two more times before she got it. I hate IV's and the pain of the IV on top of the contractions didn't help. The nurse came back and said it would be a little bit for the epidural because a lady had come in full dilated and ready to deliver and there was also an emergency C-section and only one anesthesiologist on that day. The nurse offered me IV drugs for the pain, which I really wanted at the time, but hubby and I had discussed and we really didn't want to do this for the sake of our baby. The less medical intervention the better so he promptly said no. At the time I really did want something, but I am really glad we didn't do it. I just kept saying, "Where is my freaking epidural?" and hubby kept saying, "It's coming."-

At some point they finally moved me to a room and my Mom called my doctor. She had told us to call her because she really wanted to be around for "the party". About 3:30 pm the anesthesiologist finally came in. They made everyone leave except my hubby. Thank goodness they let him stay otherwise I don't think I would have made it. The epidural didn't hurt a bit really. Pain is relative during the labor process. Funny, on the way to the hospital I said something to the affect of I couldn't imagine the amount of pain you had to be in to actually want someone to stick a rather large needle into your spinal canal. Now I knew the level of pain and I didn't care if you had to strap me up by my heels and beat me to take away the pain, I just wanted it gone. Pretty quickly the epidural kicked in and the pain went away.

Right after the anesthesiologist left, my doctor came in. I hadn't been checked since before my water broke so the nurse had just finished checking me and I was at a blessed 9cm and completely effaced, no cervix to be seen hardly. The doctor then checked me and said that I was at 10 cm. She said that the next contraction we would see how I could push. At some point in this process, my doctor mentioned that she had given blood and hoped that she didn't pass out. I told hubby to be ready to catch our baby just in case. They were still having trouble getting the contractions to show up on the monitor and by now I couldn't feel them any more. The next contraction I pushed and the doctor said, "Whoa, look at all that hair on that head. Let's go ahead and have a baby." She got prepared and we started pushing. I pushed three times per contraction. Because the contractions weren't showing up on the monitor, the nurse had to feel my stomach to see when one was started. During the contractions I heard my Mom open the door and ask if they needed help. I thought she just wanted to really be in there (which she did, of course, but apparently the call button light was on outside the room and no one had come to help. My Mom was a midwife for many years, an RN and is currently a nurse practitioner in women's health so she could have helped, but I really just wanted me and my husband in there for the birth of our first child. I pushed through about 5 or 6 contractions and there she was. Hubby says he was the one that told me it was a girl. She was placed on my belly and she was so beautiful. She was wide eyed and just looking around. I think asked why she wasn't screaming. I needed her to scream so that I knew she could breathe. They wiped her off and then she let out a little wail and then quit crying again and just was taking it all in.

I cried and hubby cried and they whisked her across the room to clean her up and check her. Hubby went with her. The family was chomping at the bit to get in so I told them they could let them in. It was a zoo. I was still splayed wide open and had torn a little bit so the doctor was sewing me up. My mom, dad, stepmom, MIL, Bekah as well as my husband, the doctor and a variety of nurses were in the room. I just laid there looking towards my baby, tears in my eyes. The experience was so surreal. It happened so fast, yet took so long.

The grandparents passed her around while I got stitched up the rest of the way and then she was handed to me so I could feed her. She latched right on. The nurses were so impressed with her and everyone kept telling me how beautiful she was. She hardly cried at all while they were cleaning her up and even during her first bath, we hardly heard a peep.

I am so blessed to have this wonderful, amazing new life intertwined with mine. I am blessed to have wonderful family and friends that love me and her to no end. We have had so much help at home that I find myself saying, I can do this, no problem, but at 4:00 am I sometimes forget that.

There are a lot of interesting numerical correlations with Savvy's birth. My sister and I were born four years and 8 days apart. Savvy and her twin cousins are exactly one year and 8 days apart. My mom went into labor with me at 4:30 am and had me at 4:36 pm the same day. I went into labor with Savvy at 4:30 am and had her at 4:24 pm the same day. My birthday is December 13, Hubby's is February 14 and Savvy's is January 15, 13,14,15 and December, January, February. Don't know what it all means, but it is interesting.

Today Savvy is a week old. As I type this she is laying on her Play Gym fast asleep. I cannot get enough of her. I miss her when I sleep. Her father is the same way and my heart bursts just a little when I see him with her. There are so many things going through my mind as I come to terms with the fact that I have joined a group of people that is so special, Mothers. I am a Mother and will always be a Mother. Having Savvy has changed my relationship with my parents already. I immediately respect them more and understand their protectiveness throughout my life. I am a worrier at heart, but hope not to worry myself to death, but don't see how. I cannot imagine anything ever happening to my little girl. At night, every little noise makes me sit up in bed and check to make sure she is okay. How I will ever move her to another room, I do not know. I currently have a cold and am so afraid she will get it. I can suffer, but I do not want her to suffer.

She is already so strong. She can lift her head and throw herself off my shoulder. She can even lift her head while laying on her stomach. She hardly cries at all, except if she is very hungry or very poopy. She can projectile poop like you would not believe and she likes to store up the days' poop and let it out in little bursts all in about a 2 hour time period. She can even pee like a boy. She has what we call the pee and poop show about once a day, where she waits for you to take off her diaper and then lets it all loose at once. It makes me laugh so hard, I almost pee my pants every time she does it.

Thank you, God for the blessing you have bestowed upon me. May I make you proud.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rumor dispelled

I will get around to posting the birth story soon, but to dispell the rumor, I did not go natural. I begged for that epidural. They made me wait for it, but once I got, boy was I a happy camper. That is the best thing that was ever invented!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Home sweet home

We are home and all doing well. Thank you for all the well wishes. Will post the incredible story soon.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A day of fulfillment

A pictures that says it all.

Hi Everyone...Bekah here.

Just a brief note to let all know that Jazzy and baby girl are doing well....very well.

I was able to be outside the door as this new life was brought into our world. I was able to experience the formation of a new family as Jazzy, her hubby and family met their new baby for the very first time. I am honored and touched beyond words to have been able to experience their very intimate, private moments that have connected me to this little girl and family in a very profound way.

This afternoon I saw what I can only describe as a life fulfilled. As I watched Jazzy hold her baby close and nurse her for the first time, I saw Jazzy become a mother. I saw all the years I've known her flash before me in this one moment and I saw her as she has always wanted to be - a mother holding her new infant in her arms with her loving (and oh! so! wonderful! husband) looking over her shoulder. This is what she has spent her whole life waiting for, I knew that for sure.

I can't do justice to the "wholeness" of what I saw today. I can only say that it was beautiful and wonderful and hopeful and makes me believe in God so strongly that it rocks me to my soul.

I'll let Jazzy post her own birth story and thoughts, but I wanted to share mine with you, and Jazzy.

Thank you for letting me part of this wonderful new beginning. I love you all, I'm here always and God Bless You.

It's a GIRL!

She's here! She's here! Its a girl!!!!! She was 8.59 pounds and born about 4:30 this afternoon and from what I understand she did all of it natural! Go Jazzy! If she got meds it was RIGHT at the end!

CONGRATULATIONS Jazzy! Congrat's Jazzy's hubby! Yeah! The baby is here!

I'm going to try to go see her tomorrow. Someone will post pics soon!!!!


Baby Update

This morning, they went to the hospital around 9:30am. Jazzy was 3cm dialated.

At 2:15pm they were putting her in a room (I guess the hospital is slammed) and she's about 4cm
dialated. She's in alot of pain but her mom said that everything was fine. Her dad and stepmom had just arrived, so all the parents are there.

From various sources we are being kept informed and someone will be passing that along to you, here in Internet Land. In the meantime, say a prayer that all goes well for mama and baby.


The baby's coming! The baby's coming!!!!

Hi! This is Em from Giggling Universe. Thought everyone would be glad to know that about an hour or so ago Jazzy and her hubby headed for the hospital. Her contractions are about 5 minutes apart and getting pretty intense.

Either Bekah or I will update as we know more!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

No baby

I'm beginning to sense a theme to my posts. No baby.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Still no baby. He/she is snug as a bug in a rug and ain't coming out yet. I had my last doctor's appointment today and all still looks good and despite contractions and losing my plug, no progression. Still 2 cm and 80% effaced. So unless I go into labor between now and Monday, they will induce on Monday. It is starting to feel like we will never have this baby, but I guess really by Tuesday we will have a baby, because he/she has to come out sometime.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Baby update

Well, apparently my womb is a great old place to hang and the baby is perfectly happy there. I haev tried telling him/her that it's not that scary out here and that he/she will have a lot more room out here than in there, but he/she is stubborn like me and therefore responds by kicking me in the ribs.

Went to the doc today. No progress at all. Bummer since I have been having all these contractions that don't seem to be doing anything at all. My non-stress test was very good, the baby reacts the way he/she should and I am healthy and the baby is healthy, so we will continue to wait. She did strip my membranes, which didn't feel so hot at all. Haven't seen it do much of anything yet. Will try some home remedies possibly this week and see if we can't kick start this here party.

We did set an induction date for next Monday. I have to call at 5 AM to see if the schedule will fit me in, but at that time I will be a week post date and will be considered a medical induction rather than an elective induction. My doctor will also be back in town which is good. If this baby comes while my doc is out of town, I'm not going to like it, so kiddo, you have til Wednesday and then you have to wait until late Sunday. Just kidding, you come whenever you are ready and Mommy and Daddy will roll with the punches.

My Mom is scheduled to leave on Monday as well. If we have to induce she will push her flight back one day, but that means she won't get to spend much time oohing and aaahing over the baby and generally getting to spend time with all of us as a family. Because she is in women's health and used to deliver babies, she is a valuable resource and I would like to have her here at least for a little while after the baby arrives to assure me that I am doing okay as a Mother.

Anyways... that's the update. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

No Baby Yet

Well, today is my official due date and no baby yet. I have been having more frequent contractions, but nothing consistent. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and will get a non-stress test and a check up and will talk about next steps.

I feel fine, but am ready to meet this baby and know that the outcome of birth is all going to be okay. We are all expecting that every day is THE day, but not yet.

I just realized that this coming Friday is the 13th, which would be funny if the baby was born then because I was born on Friday the 13th. I know most people shy away from all things 13, but I love that number so it would be a great thing for me.

Will try to update tomorrow so you guys aren't waiting on pins and needles.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hook Em! Baby!

After much hype and much yapping about USC being the best team, blah, blah, blah, the Horns showed up in full glory, played an awesome game and won the National Title! What a great game, and despite the jumping up and down and pacing in the fourth quarter, I did not go into labor. Maybe today?!

After my doctor's appointment on Tuesday I am at 2 cm and 80% effaced. Zero station and still the kid is as happy as can be in womb. Heart rate is good, by BP is good and we are just trucking along. My Mom arrived yesterday and so now I am really ready to have this baby! Let's go, anytime now. I did have more frequent Braxton Hicks during the game, but managed to sleep through the night. Blessings all around.

So, still waiting on baby, but no longer waiting on a National Championship. Hook Em!