Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Advice from Momma

To my dear Savannah, always remember these things. These are things I hope to teach you as you grow. I will add this list to my sidebar and continually add to it, I hope, if I can figure out how.
  • Don't judge others too quickly, lest they do the same to you.
  • But, generally, you can judge a person by how they treat a waiter, their mother and a valet.
  • You are the only one responsible for your actions. No matter what. Live so that you are proud of yourself and your decisions.
  • Be accountable always for your actions. Admit when you are wrong and stand up when you are right.
  • Live in such a way that God would be proud of you.
  • Stand up for what you believe in. Those beliefs may change over time and that is okay too.
  • Live your life so that you have no regrets. Our experiences, both good and bad, make us who we are each day.
  • Life is full of change. Be flexible and go with the flow-it is so much easier than fighting change.
  • Happiness comes from within. No one has control over your emotions except you. With each experience, you have a choice as to how you will react to it. Choose wisely.
  • Love yourself above all else. If you don't love yourself, you cannot fully love someone else and you cannot let someone else fully love you.
  • No matter what, your father and I will always love you.
  • Always use kind words when speaking of others. You never know one's current situation and we do not want to be hurtful.
  • Sometimes a new hairdo can change your whole outlook.
  • But, always remember, beauty comes from within. If you are beautiful on the inside, it will shine through.
  • Remember, there are always consequences for our actions. Make decisions based on the consequences.
  • Do the things you want to do today. When you are old, you will not regret the things you did so much as the things you never did.

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