Sunday, January 15, 2006

A day of fulfillment

A pictures that says it all.

Hi Everyone...Bekah here.

Just a brief note to let all know that Jazzy and baby girl are doing well....very well.

I was able to be outside the door as this new life was brought into our world. I was able to experience the formation of a new family as Jazzy, her hubby and family met their new baby for the very first time. I am honored and touched beyond words to have been able to experience their very intimate, private moments that have connected me to this little girl and family in a very profound way.

This afternoon I saw what I can only describe as a life fulfilled. As I watched Jazzy hold her baby close and nurse her for the first time, I saw Jazzy become a mother. I saw all the years I've known her flash before me in this one moment and I saw her as she has always wanted to be - a mother holding her new infant in her arms with her loving (and oh! so! wonderful! husband) looking over her shoulder. This is what she has spent her whole life waiting for, I knew that for sure.

I can't do justice to the "wholeness" of what I saw today. I can only say that it was beautiful and wonderful and hopeful and makes me believe in God so strongly that it rocks me to my soul.

I'll let Jazzy post her own birth story and thoughts, but I wanted to share mine with you, and Jazzy.

Thank you for letting me part of this wonderful new beginning. I love you all, I'm here always and God Bless You.

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