Monday, January 30, 2006

Two weeks and one day

Savvy turned two weeks old yesterday and on some levels it feels like she has been here forever and on other levels it feels like it is all so new still and I can't believe she belongs to us. I am living my life in two hour intervals it seems most of the time. We took her out to dinner on Saturday night and then she and I had our first solo outing on Sunday to meet my parents, aunt, uncle and Nana for breakfast. It felt so good to drive the car. The little things we take for granted everyday are brought into perspective when you have a child.

We are both doing well. She is a really good baby. She has been a little fussy from what we think is gas/constipation. She grunts and grunts and makes faces and doesn't always go to the bathroom. She still likes to save up her poo for a 2 hour time period per day. I guess that is okay.

I'm about to say something that may horrify many of you mothers. Please look away if it is too awful for you. Here we go...

I fit into my prepregnancy jeans!!! I couldn't believe it. Please don't hate me because I'm jeanful.

And now for what you have really all been waiting for, cuteness in pictures.

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