Wednesday, February 01, 2006

AGH! I've been Tagged

Because I love her so much, I will acknowledge the tag. My five most guilty pleasures in completely random order.
  1. Gummi Bears. I love me some gummi bears.
  2. Showers have become a guilty pleasure. It's the only place I get to be alone now.
  3. Shoes and Purses. I know that's really two, but I'm lumping them into one because I can. I never seem to have enough of either in black. My husband would argue that I never need another pair of black shoes or another black purse. I just can't help it.
  4. Smelling my baby's head and kissing her cheeks. This is a new one for me, but I cannot get enough.
  5. Reading blogs. I could do it for hours, but I don't have hours. I cannot even make it through half my blogroll in a day.

I won't bother tagging anyone. If you like it, steal it and leave a comment to tell me where to look.

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