Monday, February 28, 2005


We have this thing between my MIL, my hubby and me. My MIL is always going "HUH?" in this high pitched way when she doesn't hear something or doesn't understand something. Hubby and I constantly make fun of her because of this. One day at Christmas we were all sitting around and the following occurred:

MIL to Hubby: "You never listen to me."
Hubby: "What?" (whenever you say anything about listening or hearing and hubby says what, you know he heard you, he's just being a smart ass)
MIL: "I SAID..."

Much laughing followed.

So during the drive down to Corpus Christie a couple of weekends ago for Nana's 80th birthday, Hubby and I were having a conversation about something I don't recall.

Hubby:, "blah, blah, blah, blah..."
Me: "mmmm hmmm, blah, blah, blah..."
Hubby: "Blah, blah"
Me: "Quite So."
Hubby: "Flightsin?"
Me: "Yes, flightsin, that's exactly what I said. Because it made so much sense in the context of our conversation."
Hubby: "Well, I didn't hear you."
Me: "That's what we should say to your Mom from now on when she says, 'huh'. That would really confuse her."

So this morning, hubby gets up to get in the shower and said something and I said, "Quite so."

Guess what the response was.


Lightbulb moment

The lightbulb may be cracked though. You be the judge.

I have an idea. As I am trying to get back into exercising, (yes that was what I did this weekend), I thought perhaps creating Blogger Buddies for Fitness might be an idea. One reason I think many people fail at losing weight/getting fit and staying fit is motivation and accountability. It helps me when I have someone I have to answer to regarding my goals to get and stay fit. For some people this is a personal trainer, but since most of us can't afford a personal trainer, we rely on friends and family to help us.

I feel like most of us know what to do in order to get fit in some form or fashion. Like we know that eating fast food all the time is not conducive to a healthy body. But sometimes it's hard for us to follow a plan, to be disciplined. I do better when I know I have to answer to somebody other than just myself.

See, I have a kinesiology degree. I spent 6 years in college learning all about being healthy. I spent hours in dance classes, weight training classes and biology and chemistry classes that explained what good and bad foods do to your body. I even was a personal trainer. So, yeah, I know what I should do, but I don't do it!

I am perfectly capable of writing up a work out plan for myself. I even have weights at home. And videos. And a fitness ball. And a punching bag. Where do I spend my time? On the couch or at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have trained many a friend and when we worked out together, I was the motivational one. I was the one saying, "We have to go to the gym" and "No, we can't miss one day." But, I do better if someone else writes up the plan for me and then asks about my progress. I do better, say, if my doctor suggests me going on Sugar Busters. Or Body for Life or South Beach. I don't believe in fads, I believe in lifestyle.

Anyway, so my idea would be to pair up bloggers as Blogger Buddies for Fitness. One would be a motivation for the other. One would be held accountable to the other. Such as "you posted that you were going to do 20 minutes of cardio. Did you? What did you do?" I suppose that we could set up another blog just for this. We could somehow make it so anyone could log in and post or comment. I haven't put a whole lot of thought into this, but I trust that my wonderfully intelligent readers will have some brilliant ideas. So what do you say?

Mailbox row

In Flight

Sign on picnic table in Corpus Christie. It was on every single picnic table. Ewww.

I am...

Stolen meme with a twist. I found this meme over here and decided I would put a little twist on it. Instead of me filling out who I am, I am going to let my readers do it for me. So tell me in your own words, who you think I am... I might just add the final list to my side bar over yonder. I'll start it off for you, you continue.

Remember this is all about me...

I am a confused cat not sure where to turn at the sight of headlights.
I am a firecracker prior to takeoff.
I am vanilla ice cream.

Brain Teasers

I did something this weekend that I haven't done in awhile. Months actually. It felt good, but now is beginning to catch up with me. My body aches and my mind is trying to figure out what is going on. This thing I did starts with and E and ends in an E. If you do this thing on a regular basis, your body adjusts and doesn't scream, "What the hell have you done to me?" days later. If you do it regularly, others can see the difference and so can you. If you don't do this regularly, others can see the difference and so can you even more. Can you guess what it was?

First person to guess, gets... the satisfaction of being smarter than the average bear.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Art of Massage

Look, me, on a Sunday, posting. Now pick your jaw up off the floor. It's not THAT outrageous.

I got a much needed massage yesterday and afterwards, feeling refreshed and a little less lumpy, I fed my poor body some crap because frankly, my ass just isn't big enough yet.

I digress. The title of this post has to do with what I think every Masseuse should know, but doesn't seem to know. There are a few things as a customer that I think are really necessary when one is about to place their hands to knead on another person's body.

  1. Always ask what specific areas of said person's body need the most work. Where do you tend to hold stress, etc...
  2. Do you have any injuries I should know about
  3. How is my pressure?
  4. Do not under any circumstances, talk during the massage. If I wanted idle chatter, I would go to work, not the spa.

You would think these things would be standard, but I think in all the massages I have ever gotten, only one masseuse has asked all of these questions.

So as not to put all the responsibility on the giver of the kneading of the Gods, as a client, you must do certain things as well.

  1. Always shave all important touchable parts.
  2. Shower before you go. No one wants to rub a stinky person.
  3. Put good-smelly stuff on so you don't stink.
  4. Bring comb and something to put your hair up after massage. No one wants to see your greasy mane.

So there you have it, Massage 101.

I know this was a terribly interesting post...

Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm cool, no really, I am...

All the cool kids are doing it so, like the good little follower I am...

bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...
Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /

Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Missing In Action

So, I've been missing in the blog world for awhile. I really do miss you all and miss filling your brains with my useless information. Unfortunately, I am lacking time, brain power, will power, you name it, I'm missing it. I feel like a gerbil in a cage that just goes round and round on that little contraption, but never gets anywhere. So that's just a little explanation as to where I am and what I am up to.

I will try to post more often, but if I don't, please don't forget that I care about this here blog.

Just for Kicks... Driving to work this morning in the pouring down rain, I heard a commercial for lotion. Not just any lotion. Crack lotion. I thought that was hilarious. It's for dry, cracked skin, but they just kept saying, Crack Lotion.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


He has been complaining that some of us have not been holding up our end of the blogging bargain. So I told him that I would post. So here you go.


Go ahead and say it...

Friday, February 18, 2005

What's this?

What is this? This is a post. You see, according to the rules of blogging, I'm supposed to type stuff here so you can read it and stuff. I seem to have forgotten how lately. Sorry about that.

I'm still drowning in catch up work from my time out of the office so I will be scarce still. But I wanted to wish a happy birthday to two dear friends. Happy B-day Jenn and Nikk. Sorry you guys have to share a birthday, but I hope that it is a great one for both of you!

In other news, I've lost something very important to me. It is a vital part of my everyday life and it has been scarce lately as well. So if you see my brain, would you kindly return it to me? Thank you.

I miss you internet!

Monday, February 14, 2005

A very special day

Today is a very special day. For most of you it is that day in which pink and red have gotten puked all over the place and bashing love into our heads in normal. But at our house, it is my hubby's birthday. I like Valentine's Day, don't get me wrong. Or rather, I used to like it before it became this over promoted "Hallmark" holiday. Great, it's a day laid out to tell people that you love them. Shouldn't we do this everyday? Hubby normally sends me roses, which I absolutely love, but the last couple times (birthday, Valentin'es etc), I have told him to save the money and spend it on me elsewhere. I absolutely love flowers, but I really prefer to get them when I don't expect them.

Anyways... my point was to wish my hubby a happy birthday. He is 30 something today and older than me and that is all I will say. He is wonderful and caring and loving and a lot of other things that I will keep to myself. I am so happy to have him in my life everyday. So Happy Birthday Bebe! I love you.

The A Twins

Here's some more Pictures.

I'm back at work, but very busy and out again tomorow and Wednesday for a two day seminar. So here is some cuteness to tide you over until I can catch up. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 07, 2005

Baby Heaven

I am officially in baby heaven. My nephews are absolutely adorable and I can't get enough of holding them. I am changing clothes and changing diapers and loving every minute of it. As I type, the poor boys are getting their wee wees snipped. I am glad I did not go to that appointment. My sister is struggling with it and I can only imagine the pain a mother feels making that decision and having to go through it. But all this baby stuff is making me want one more, so soon enough it will be me I hope. I am getting plenty of sleep, but I'm not the one feeding babies every 3 hours.

I am at my sister's dad's (we have differet fathers) school on the computer in the middle of his computer class. It is a strange feeling. I went to this school over 25 years ago. It is an alternative laid back school that is amazing, but very different from where I finished my schooling. To give you an idea, I am sitting here as they go through class, not a single person is wearing shoes, they get removed at the door. I am working on a Mac computer and uploading photos of my nephews for my sister's dad. The class seems to be writing articles, but others are listening to music, others are looking up things on the internet. It is all very laid back.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. I am having a great trip and reality will hit hard when I return. I promise lots of pictures and visions of smelling baby heads.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Babies here I come!

I'm off to see the babies, the wonderful nephews of mine. (Sung to the tune of, I'm Off to See The Wizard)

Will be back with lots of pictures. See you in a week.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I just busted myself in the mouth with my phone.

I just keep telling myself, two days until I will be in baby heaven.

Sea of Paper

I am peeking at you through the piles and piles of paperwork I must weed through before I leave tomorrow. AGH!

UPDATE: Take my brain. It's dead.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Go Wild!

Thanks once again to Mia at Ciao! My Bella for my Wild new design. Can't talk now, but will try to post later! Rawrr!