Monday, February 07, 2005

Baby Heaven

I am officially in baby heaven. My nephews are absolutely adorable and I can't get enough of holding them. I am changing clothes and changing diapers and loving every minute of it. As I type, the poor boys are getting their wee wees snipped. I am glad I did not go to that appointment. My sister is struggling with it and I can only imagine the pain a mother feels making that decision and having to go through it. But all this baby stuff is making me want one more, so soon enough it will be me I hope. I am getting plenty of sleep, but I'm not the one feeding babies every 3 hours.

I am at my sister's dad's (we have differet fathers) school on the computer in the middle of his computer class. It is a strange feeling. I went to this school over 25 years ago. It is an alternative laid back school that is amazing, but very different from where I finished my schooling. To give you an idea, I am sitting here as they go through class, not a single person is wearing shoes, they get removed at the door. I am working on a Mac computer and uploading photos of my nephews for my sister's dad. The class seems to be writing articles, but others are listening to music, others are looking up things on the internet. It is all very laid back.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. I am having a great trip and reality will hit hard when I return. I promise lots of pictures and visions of smelling baby heads.

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