Monday, February 28, 2005

Lightbulb moment

The lightbulb may be cracked though. You be the judge.

I have an idea. As I am trying to get back into exercising, (yes that was what I did this weekend), I thought perhaps creating Blogger Buddies for Fitness might be an idea. One reason I think many people fail at losing weight/getting fit and staying fit is motivation and accountability. It helps me when I have someone I have to answer to regarding my goals to get and stay fit. For some people this is a personal trainer, but since most of us can't afford a personal trainer, we rely on friends and family to help us.

I feel like most of us know what to do in order to get fit in some form or fashion. Like we know that eating fast food all the time is not conducive to a healthy body. But sometimes it's hard for us to follow a plan, to be disciplined. I do better when I know I have to answer to somebody other than just myself.

See, I have a kinesiology degree. I spent 6 years in college learning all about being healthy. I spent hours in dance classes, weight training classes and biology and chemistry classes that explained what good and bad foods do to your body. I even was a personal trainer. So, yeah, I know what I should do, but I don't do it!

I am perfectly capable of writing up a work out plan for myself. I even have weights at home. And videos. And a fitness ball. And a punching bag. Where do I spend my time? On the couch or at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have trained many a friend and when we worked out together, I was the motivational one. I was the one saying, "We have to go to the gym" and "No, we can't miss one day." But, I do better if someone else writes up the plan for me and then asks about my progress. I do better, say, if my doctor suggests me going on Sugar Busters. Or Body for Life or South Beach. I don't believe in fads, I believe in lifestyle.

Anyway, so my idea would be to pair up bloggers as Blogger Buddies for Fitness. One would be a motivation for the other. One would be held accountable to the other. Such as "you posted that you were going to do 20 minutes of cardio. Did you? What did you do?" I suppose that we could set up another blog just for this. We could somehow make it so anyone could log in and post or comment. I haven't put a whole lot of thought into this, but I trust that my wonderfully intelligent readers will have some brilliant ideas. So what do you say?

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