Friday, February 24, 2006

I have an answer or two

Christine asked: Okay - what is your favorite color to dress Savvy in? (Before my daughter was born I rejected pink for lavenders and yellows, but after she was here I found pink was my favorite!) What is your favorite part of motherhood so far? Your least favorite?What is the best piece of advice about having an infant did you receive? And what was the worst?(If that is too many questions, just pick your favorite one.

I really dislike pink, but have found that I do dress her in pink a lot, because after all she is a girl and she is cute in pink. Pastels in general make me puke, but a baby looks good in pastels and it's a good thing because it's hard to find primary colored clothes for infants. I love her in white though. I don't really have a least favorite, but I suppose that I would not dress her in black even though I love black for me. Black is not for babies.

My favorite part of motherhood so far is breastfeeding I think. I love that quiet time you get with her. Only you the mother can feed her baby this way and it creates a bond that she won't have with any other person. One of these days I'm going to answer the door with my boob hanging out though.

The best piece of advice I received about having an infant is probably to sleep when she does although this is easier said than done. I do try and nap when she does, but because it is so random when she sleeps, I generally end up doing things around the house, taking a shower or checking email.

The worst piece of advice I have received is that it's okay to let them cry if you need a break. It's not that it is bad advice, but again, it's easier said than done. We have tried the cry it out method a couple of times and it just tears me apart, so we are done with that. When you need a break, hand her to someone else. But sometimes that has to wait until someone else is there.

Becky originally asked: how do you reference a specific blog or article in a post. I have figured out how to reference people, but I can't figure out how to zero in to a specific post on that person's site . But she got the answer to that from the wonderful Duke of Earle. So I will answer her next question, Have you had your first mommy margarita yet?

I tried to have a margarita at Jennifer's b-day party last weekend, but it was too strong and I don't think I would have been able to walk had I drank it. Now, wine on the other hand, I partake in a glass about every other day. Probably too much, but a girl needs a break.

Bekah asked: What has surprised you the most in this first six weeks??

Hmmm... The first couple of weeks were actually really easy. She slept most of the time and I didn't mind the night feedings because she went right back to sleep. I think as an expecting mother, you expect the first two weeks to be the hardest. They weren't for me. The two weeks following those were probably the hardest because the first two were so easy and then it got harder when she wasn't sleeping consistently and I didn't have as much help around the house and I was having to do more.

Tiff asked: How many times a day do you find yourself smelling Savvy's head? More than I can count. I love her head. And her cheeks. And her nose. All the way down to her toes.

Leslie asked: Did you ever think you could love something so much? No, I didn't. Plain and simple, there is no other love like it. I have wanted to be a mother my whole life and now that I am, there is nothing better. I have learned (just a little bit) though that along with that love comes great fear. I have chilled out a little bit, but those first few weeks, I couldn't watch the news without thinking of how I would manage if one of those awful things happened to my baby. I found myself tearing up over stupid commercials about children. I worry constantly that she will suffocate in the crib or one of those other many accidents that you think can never happen, but do. Fear takes on a whole new dimension when you have children, but so does love.

John Duke of Earle, the ever wise one simply stated, "Jazzy,That raised hand with the little clenched fist? That's not a question, it's a symbol of BABY POWER! Watch out for her when she gets older."

Funny he should say that. Usually when she does this, I not only ask her what her question is, but I speak what I imagine is in her mind, "Power to the Babies!" Oi!

Angela Marie asked: How and why did you quit smoking? Isn't motherhood great (even with all the spitup and pooping)?

I quit smoking cold turkey about 4 years ago this month. I knew that smoking affected my fertility and a friend had recently gotten pregnant and I guess it triggered something in me and I just quit. I had three cigs left in my pack, I smoked them and haven't touched one since. I always knew that I wasn't a lifetime smoker, despite the fact that I smoked for almost 10 years. I knew as soon as I got pregnant with my first child I would never smoke again, or so I hoped. I am so glad that I quit back then and not when I got pregnant, I think it is easier that way.

Motherhood is fabulous! Even with all the poopy action!

Got more questions? Keep 'em coming!

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