Monday, January 09, 2006

Baby update

Well, apparently my womb is a great old place to hang and the baby is perfectly happy there. I haev tried telling him/her that it's not that scary out here and that he/she will have a lot more room out here than in there, but he/she is stubborn like me and therefore responds by kicking me in the ribs.

Went to the doc today. No progress at all. Bummer since I have been having all these contractions that don't seem to be doing anything at all. My non-stress test was very good, the baby reacts the way he/she should and I am healthy and the baby is healthy, so we will continue to wait. She did strip my membranes, which didn't feel so hot at all. Haven't seen it do much of anything yet. Will try some home remedies possibly this week and see if we can't kick start this here party.

We did set an induction date for next Monday. I have to call at 5 AM to see if the schedule will fit me in, but at that time I will be a week post date and will be considered a medical induction rather than an elective induction. My doctor will also be back in town which is good. If this baby comes while my doc is out of town, I'm not going to like it, so kiddo, you have til Wednesday and then you have to wait until late Sunday. Just kidding, you come whenever you are ready and Mommy and Daddy will roll with the punches.

My Mom is scheduled to leave on Monday as well. If we have to induce she will push her flight back one day, but that means she won't get to spend much time oohing and aaahing over the baby and generally getting to spend time with all of us as a family. Because she is in women's health and used to deliver babies, she is a valuable resource and I would like to have her here at least for a little while after the baby arrives to assure me that I am doing okay as a Mother.

Anyways... that's the update. Will keep you posted.

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