Sunday, June 08, 2008

News from the home front

Last night, after we had put Boo Bear to bed and dinner was on the table, Hubby and I sat down to eat. We asked God's blessing for our food and began to eat. All of a sudden, Hubby looked at me, got this look on his face and said, "Don't move." He got out of his chair, walked around the table to me. I looked up at him, he again told me not to move. I thought I had a bug in my hair. He sat studying my hair for a moment, then grabbed something and tugged. I felt the hair pulled from my head, from the root. Hubby, exlaimed, "ah ha!" He stuck what he had triumphantly pulled from my head and there it was before me. My first gray hair. It was about 2.5 inches long and glared at me in defiance. I tried to explain it away as just being a random blond hair, but there really was not getting away from it. Luckily, I'm not one to make a big deal out of such things. Now hubby on the other hand, who I might mention has been going gray for awhile now, just lightly peppered into his blondish brown hair, but gray never the less, decided this was quite a big deal. Such a big deal that he chose to mount my first gray hair to a blank white envelope with tape and write the details of the momentous event on the piece of paper, forever memorializing that moment. Gotta love him. I blame that gray hair on my 2.5 year old!

My dear friends, I can't help but love that man. You can barely see it in the pic, but to the right of the words 1st and Gray, there is my 2.5 inch long gray hair taped to an envelope.

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