Friday, July 29, 2005


Found this over at Amber's Place. Very interesting. Words in bold are mine. will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!

jasmine is welcome in winter
jasmine is this?
jasmine is a naked gun
jasmine is sexy =9 duh (Yeah Duh!)
jasmine is a qualified masseuse and offers a sensual (Sensual WHAT?)
jasmine is not happy this year
jasmine is available for adoption (Oh, really?)
jasmine is seven months old
jasmine is six months old
jasmine is a beautiful 16 inch black porcelain doll
jasmine is better than belle or ariel (I agree)
jasmine is incredulous at being told her experience with the (...)
jasmine is less than a two minute walk from the beautiful white sand taylor beach
jasmine is good ground cover fast
jasmine is welcome in winter by lee reich
jasmine is drooping (don't tell the whole world!)
jasmine is a qualified masseuse and offers a sensual erotic body 2 body massage (so that's the answer)
jasmine is jammin' in africa
jasmine is the sweetest cat i could ever (I don't even want to knwo what you could ever)
jasmine is called "the king of oils"
jasmine is very expensive (Damn skippy)
jasmine is an innovative musician (not so much)
jasmine is talking about?
jasmine is a beautiful 16" black porcelain doll (still?)
jasmine is a full object oriented database system
jasmine is a plant native to the south
jasmine is one scent nearly everyone loves
jasmine is a very powerful fragrance with a full (here we go again)
jasmine is calming
jasmine is useful with the following
jasmine is indigenous of himalayas of western china
jasmine is a true object database with an integrated development environment and a robust multi
jasmine is both strange and romantic in that its blooms open only at night
jasmine is regular presenter/reporter on sky digital?s ?simply money? channel
jasmine is over 25 years old
jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind when one thinks of sweet fragrance
jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind when one thinks
jasmine is evocative of warm
jasmine is a single or multistemmed shrub or
jasmine is nothing fancy to look at
jasmine is realising that its competitive edge
jasmine is aware of the importance of sport
jasmine is a popular groundcover
jasmine is ready for the holidays in this forest green confection
jasmine is a recovering alcoholic and johnnie walker keeps calling her name
jasmine is a sacred flower known as ?moonlight of the grove?
jasmine is incredibly strong
jasmine is a large
jasmine is the happiest baby i've ever known
jasmine is a pure object
jasmine is an evergreen fragile climbing shrub that can grow up to 10 meters
jasmine is incredulous at being told her experience with the alien dr
jasmine is
jasmine is wearing a gold band round one arm
jasmine is so harsh that it demands a touch of the true oil to soften it
jasmine is the next
jasmine is heaven sent
jasmine is one of the most recent
jasmine is fast
jasmine is an evergreen or semi
jasmine is a one of a kind alpaca with a personality that is all her own
jasmine is furious with him saying he should have consulted her first
jasmine is stabbed and seriously injuried it is julie who looks after her
jasmine is extremely polydexterous
jasmine is also a dog
jasmine is very much in touch with the personal wishes of her group and cleverly adapts the visit accordingly
jasmine is the princess of agrabah
jasmine is a true ground cover; its
jasmine is approximately 8 days
jasmine is getting worse
jasmine is a major breakthrough for enterprise developers
jasmine is referred to as "the king"
jasmine is outgoing
jasmine is strong sensual stimulant
jasmine is far more powerful than its queen
jasmine is it usually has a quite strong fragrance
jasmine is best pruned in late winter
jasmine is the daughter of alice and glenn gadie of detroit
jasmine is active
jasmine is an exclusive
jasmine is a black & white male alaskan malamute who is about 9½ years old and weighs approximately 75 pounds
jasmine is an absolute delight
jasmine is a 9 year old pitbull
jasmine is the blonde bombsite er
jasmine is a sturdy
jasmine is an overwriting
jasmine is classified as jasminum officinale

I gave up half way through with the witty comments.


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