Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Immediate Gratification Culture

I was reading this article and it really got me thinking about the culture these days. We have become so caught up in the "I-want-it-now-right-this-very-minute" that I think we have forgotten how great anticipation can be. Remember the days when a new movie would come on HBO and you could not wait to see it! Waiting in anticipation for that black screen to start and to hear the HBO music and start flying through the stars. Giddy anticipation. In our house, a new movie meant eating pizza in the living room around the coffee table, a big treat since the living room was usually off limits. And when a movie would go from the big screen to video, it took months. We actually had to wait anywhere from a couple of months to maybe even a year and maybe forget a little bit of what we had seen, but we got excited when that movie made it to video and then to TV.

Getting movies on demand is just a sign of the culture we have become. First we went to the video store to get our movies. Then we could order them and have them come right to our door and now we can watch them on our computers or TV's immediately and usually only a month to two months after they were in the theaters. We can't even lift a finger to punch in buttons on our phones anymore. We have touch screens. We have astronomical credit debt because we purchase on whims because we want it RIGHT NOW!!!

Anticipation is one of those emotions that is so powerful. When anticipating a pleasant event, it can make the experience that much better, or sometimes it can be the best part. When anticipating a painful or uncomfortable event, it can do the same, make the experience that much more painful or can be the worst part. Anticipation...

What does it do to you?

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