Friday, July 31, 2009


Tomorrow is the day - August 1st, NaBloPoMo begins. While I know that I will never make it to posting everyday, I would like to post here more. I still write blog posts in my head, I just never have time to get them down "on paper" so to speak. Priorities and all.

But Tomorrow is another day, and so we will see what God brings.

A classmate of mine passed away yesterday. I remember little about Terrance Jackson, but what I do remember is his smile, infectious to say the least. He was a clown, always making people laugh, but he had a tender heart. In his mid thirties, he died of a brain aneurism. Life is short. We do not know the number of days the Lord has given us. Do not wait for tomorrow for what you need to do today.

Do you know where you will go, Heaven or Hell, when you die? If you have any questions at all, the Bible is clear about how to get to both. What road are you on?

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