Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tips, Tricks and Product Raves

Thought I would share some of my favorite things or some of the things I have discovered, slowly I might add, regarding motherhood.

First, wanted to tell all you moms who sweat while chasing your children around, there is some good deoderant out there! A friend recommended it to me. It's called Degree Clinical Protection. It's a bit more expensive than regular so I only use it when I am leaving the house...and continue to use my Dove when I am at home. It works great and no more sweaty pits. Or at least not near as sweaty.

Another product recommended to me, has changed my laundry life forever. I have a habit of leaving laundry in the washer and/or dryer for day(s). Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Most incredible stuff ever! Just spray on fabric, stretch a little and the wrinkles go away! If the fabric is thicker, it doesn't work as well, but t-shirts, etc, it works awesome and it smells like fresh laundry, the kind that hung out on the line to dry!

That's it for today, more to come tomorrow!

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