Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two Months: The things I forgot to tell you

Two months has come so quickly. You had your two week check up and here are the results:

11 lbs 6 ozs (75%)
24 inches long (95% duh)
Head circumfrence: Round

The doc says that you will probably teeth early. Holy Moly. In fact you may have already started. Look up there and see how old this child is. Two months! You are a bubble blowing, slobbery mess all the time. The problem (like there is only one) with you teething this early? Your hand eye coordination is not yet such that you can hold a teething ring or anything else you might like to chew on except your hand. Your hand, which you can occassionally find and rarely can keep in your mouth, because, hey I'm only two months old and haven't realized that my hands are attached to my body and are here for my chewing enjoyment. Bah!

Doc also says you have eczema. I thought it was just baby acne. Hopefully it willheal quickly with the lotion she told us to use. Bah again.

Since you were born, you have held up your pointer finger while eating or falling asleep and now sometimes while you are playing. You hold that little pointer up as if to say, "ummm, one more thing..."

You have started to coo some and "talk" to us. We copy everything you say. I am teaching you how to dance. Your movements are a little jerky, but you are getting the hang of it and love to dance with me. People tell me you are starting to look more like me now than your father. Either way, you are beautiful and I love how each new day brings new things to your life and to mine.

Ongoing Love,


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