Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two Months

Dear Savannah,

You turn two months old today and wow has time flown by. My pregnancy is just a small memory in the past and I can hardly imagine my life before you were in it. How to put into words all that you are to me and your father is hard to do, but I will try.

You make up every waking (and some sleeping) moments of my day (and night). You are starting to settle into a "routine", and I use that term loosely. I am getting better at distinguishing your cries although sometimes you still seem to cry "for no reason." We are getting on a better sleep schedule, meaning you will actually sleep some and sort of consistently during the day. Now that I have said that, it will all be screwed up. You have gone a few nights up to 6 hours of sleeping. I wake up thinking that I slept through a feeding. You are also having more awake time that is not spent crying. You will play on your play gym for 30 minutes or so and enjoy it or sometimes you will just sit and study everything around you. You will even enjoy your swing more now although I don't think you fully appreciate the fun of it all. You hate to be held in a cradle position, preferring to be held so that you are looking over my shoulder. This makes for a lot of back pain for your father and me, but that is okay, we will learn. You love to look out the big back window and will cry when moved from this postion. You hold your head up so well, sometimes bonking me in the lip or eye as you bobble around because you will not rest your head.

You are starting to smile in response to your father and me, not just smiling while you fall asleep. I love, love, love to make you smile. It is such a beautiful smile you have. You still want to eat ALL THE TIME. The doctor said to not let you eat more than every two hours. Sometimes getting you to go that two hours is like torture, for you and me both. You are such a good little eater, taking after your father who eats like a Hoover. You hold your top leg up while you eat like a little lever, occassionally kicking me in the side for your enjoyment. Sometimes you spill more than you swallow so I have to wash your neck and ears frequently to keep you from smelling like sour milk.

Your eyes are turning an amazing shade of purply blue and I can't wait to see what color they end up. Hopefully they will be closer to your daddy's pretty light blue than mommy's storm blue. You are so long and weigh a good 12 pounds or so. We go to the doctor for your two month check up tomorrow and will see how much you really weigh and how long you really are.

Everyday is different with you and that is okay. It keeps me on my toes as I am sure you will do for me all your life. I try and cherish every moment, knowing that soon you will not let me hold you while you sleep or kiss you all over whenever I want. I try not to jump ahead to when you will leave for school or learn to drive or go off to college. I know these things are far away, but I also know that time moves quickly sometimes. I want to remember every moment with you.

You are so precious to me and I can't wait to see how you grow in the next month. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.


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Star said...

She is beautiful! ANd you did a good job putting that into words.