Thursday, April 13, 2006

So not those kind of people

So awhile back, I mentioned that I got a new car. When we bought this car, both Hubby and I worried that people would think that we, gasp, had money. We have some money so to speak as in, we live day to day, but we do not have MONEY, despite the car I now drive. When we bought the car, at a great deal because the guy was leaving the country, the key fobs were not in the best of shape, but hey, no big deal. When I say not the best of shape, I mean one key really works well and is taped together so the keyless entry works.

So today I decided to call the dealership to find out what a new one would cost.

$271.86 + tax and then $45 service charge to program it to the vehicle. Huh!?

We are soooo not Lexus people. We can't even afford to buy the key. ;-)

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