Friday, June 09, 2006

TV Confessions Meme

Most of us have shows that just have to watch or we are really bummed. So I thought it would be interesting to see who watches what on what night. Also included in the meme will be confessions of shows that we watch, but that people might be surprised to know we watch.

Now, I watch a whole lot less TV now that I have a kid. See we don't let her watch TV. I know she is only 5 months old, but starting early only makes sense. She showed a keen interest in the TV from when she was very little and we don't want to have to break her of that habit. I want to instill in my children creativity and reading and independence that are skills I think are stifled by the amount of TV the average kid watches. Also, not seeing all those stupid commercials hopefully means she won't be driving me nuts every time we go into a store with, "I want, I need, I gotta haves". Okay, stepping off the parenting soap box, blah, blah, blah.

So tell me in the comments or let me know you did the meme so I can see what secrets you all have. One TV show must be a confession and tell me the one show you are really bummed if you miss.

TV Confessions

Sunday - Crossing Jordan (Mini-Confession: I have never watched Desperate Housewives)

Monday - CSI Miami

Tuesday - Gilmore Girls (This is my bummer show. Unfortunately, I usually miss it because it is on at 7:00 and that is an hour before The Girl goes to bed.)

Wednesday - Nothing really that I can think of that I have on my radar.

Thursday - CSI and Without a Trace, but lately I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. **** Confession***** At 9:00 PM almost every week, Hubby and I sit down on the couch and watch... UFC . I know it's violent, but it's also one of the few shows that hubby likes and he doesn't like much TV so it's a chance for both of us to spend some time together, drink some wine and veg out.

Friday - Numbers

Saturday - Mad TV and we watch reruns of UFC if we didn't catch it that week.

Another show that I have become addicted to is Deadliest Catch. We usually end up catching reruns late at night, not the original on Tuesdays, but I have really come to like this show and it usually means I stay up too late watching episode after episode. See I am the type of person that could watch just about anything and get interested in it. Very dangerous for me, so I try not to get into shows that I don't really have a desire to watch. I'm a sucker for just about anything.

So, your turn, confess away.

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