Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is he the best or what???

Sometimes he's "or what", but today he is awesome. Who you ask? My hubby. See today is his birthday, so when we started dating, I gave up the Valentine's "dream". I know what it is like to have to share birthdays with holidays so I have always tried to make his birthday special and not about Valentine's day. He is always really good at getting me roses and a card, but I never really expect anything too extravagant (yeah, right!!! Don't we always expect something?)

Last night we were up late, so technically it was already his birthday so I gave him his present, which he loved! Now, hubby has been making up for a failed birthday (mine last year), but I still think he did a really good job for this non-holiday. He called me as I was leaving work today and we were discussing what I thought we are already decided on plans for dinner. I thought we were just going to grill some steaks at home and then I had told him I would go to church with him.

Well, he told me that he had already talked to his Mom and she was going to babysit so he could take me out to dinner. And.... and... dancing!!! We haven't been dancing in years. I used to do a lot of country western dancing, I was even on a dance team for a little while, but when I met my husband, I knew that I would pretty much end up giving that up because he isn't really a dancer and isn't really on the same level that I am used to dancing on. But I love dancing with my husband, because he is my husband. So we are going to dinner and dancing tonight and I can't believe it.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day, whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day or just plain old hump day, celebrate today for all it is, another day!!!!

Coming soon. I've been tagged. Goody gum drops.

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Definately a keeper