Thursday, April 12, 2007

MIA... the ongoing edition

I started this post two weeks ago. Sorry I'm such a schlump.

Man, it has been awhile since I was here. Last week (beginning of April) brought trips to Shreveport and Las Vegas and this week brings trips to Corpus Christi and back and 24 hours. I'm beat. Throw in normal everyday life, work and homeowners board duties and I'm plum worn out. We of course had Easter, Boo Bear's first Easter as an active participant. She probably would have been happy with one egg as she carried that one, first found egg around most of the day and was really more happy taking eggs out of her basket rather than putting them in. We had fun though.


Yesterday, (two weeks ago now)we took Boo Bear for her first hair cut. I was a little worried about the whole thing. Not so much about how she would do, but more about how I would do and how I felt about the whole cutting of the hair. My baby's hair. As my step mom said, it's so hard, because we love every single little bitty hair on their heads. And we grew that hair. I did okay, she did wonderfully and we had our first haircut done in under 10 minutes. She did not fuss or squirm a bit. I think she looks much older now and is really no longer my little baby, more my little girl. She also looks more like her father again. Almost just like him at this same age, except he didn't have the pigtails.

Sorry that is all I have for now, but I am still catching up from last week and have a play date today, so off for now. Hope you are all doing well and I hope to catch up soon!
Update on the completely lame update: Just been busy here with normal, everyday life. Projects and such, but hopefully soon I can return to blogging on a normal basis.

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Star said...

It is amazing.That first haircut totally change the look from baby to taddler.