Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I should really post something already

Yeah, I should, but I ain't got nothing good to say and you know how the saying goes...

Been busy with work and some play and homeowners board duties and The Sick. Yes, The Sick came to visit us a month ago and seems to like it around here. It started with Boo Bear's ear infection and then I got strep throat and now she has Roseola in full force, complete with fever and rash, oh goodness the rash. She is covered from head to toe now with these little red dots and I thank God that they do not itch and they don't bother her. The fever isn't so bad although it worries me. Am I the only one who thinks that only treating a fever over 101 and only being concerned if the fever is over 104 is CRAZY!!!! My child rarely runs fever unless she is teething (which is what she was doing until The Rash showed up) so a fever over 100 concerns me. I know I'm a first time parent and all and I probably won't be such a worrier with the next one, but I hate calling the doctor's office and having them tell me to just give her Tylenol if her fever is over 101.

This Rowdy Roseola Rash is thankfully not bothering Boo Bear at all, but is putting a major kink in my very busy schedule this week. I had to cancel a work meeting today due to the lovely Ms. Rash. We are supposed to go out of town this weekend for my grandmother's 89th birthday, but if Boo Bear still has rash, it's a no go. Nana won't be around forever and I don't get to see her that often so I really wanted to go. I also have a work trip to Vegas next Wednesday that I will be pretty stuck if she isn't better by then. The doc says because it's viral, who knows how long it could take to go away. That's helpful. So I will sit here and pray that the Rowdy Rash goes down the drain soon.

See, told you I should have kept it all to myself.

So, what's new with you?

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