Monday, August 20, 2007

The Car

The Damage: $4600
The Pain: Bad


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Am I one of your two? JK. I saw you Car title and I was a little scared. Not that you don't have enough to do, but the white letters on the black backgroud is a little hard to read. Don't go pink tho.

xoxox-your sister

Em said...

Yikes. That's gotta hurt. I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

Sorry so. That totally sucks

snakeepoo said...

What the....?! Did you have to buy a new engine? My word! It's not even my car and that number makes my stomach hurt! But...the Lord will provide and take care of you guys! Always!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ouch, that is painful!

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Damn, that sucks big whale...hope you are better.

Amanda said...

I hope you are ok!