Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The best laid plans

Should that be "layed"??? Anyways... I woke up this morning thinking of the day's to do list as I usually do. My list was longer today than most days, so I lay there trying to figure out how to get it all done and not fall over from exhaustion. I prayed that God would allow me to get done the things that were necessary and allow me to let go of the things that were not.

Here is what my list looked like as I lay in bed at 8:30 this morning. (yes, I know, I am blessed with a late sleeper)
  • Shower
  • Run to store to pick up one item
  • Make muffins for baby shower to take to church tonight since I won't be able to make the shower on Saturday. (note: my original plan was to make scones. Made scones last night. Came out badly. New plan: muffins)
  • Work 5 hours
  • Entertain child
  • Church by 5:30 to eat and feed child so that I am ready to begin WOL (youth program) at 6:10
  • Youth Program from 6:10 until 8:10
  • meet with Paster at 8:30
  • Come home and fall into bed

As I got up, I realized a couple of things that needed to be added to the list. Like change the sheets that haven't been changed in.... Nevermind. In order to change the sheets, I had to a) dump clothes out of basket onto stripped bed to fold at a later time b) take clothes out of dryer and put into now emptied basket c) treat pair of shorts from yesterday that Boo Bear got Squash all over.

With that done, we resumed the breakfast ritual. What to give Boo Bear for breakfast. We started with Pear and some milk while I figured out the next step also while trying to calm my stomach and figure out what the Bellybean might like to eat this morning. Try some pear.

Hear crash. Boo Bear has figured out accidently how to remove her tray from her high chair resulting in milk all over floor.

  • Add to list, impromptu mopping of floor.

Lest anyone confuse me with a housekeeper, note I only cleaned the area with spilled milk. What? I'm on a tight schedule.

Give Boo Bear some yogurt, let her feed herself. I feed myself some mandarin oranges and some pear, wash down with OJ. Return to scene of the yogurt massacre to dig remnants out of bottom of container and wash down child.

Log on to network and check email for work. Return to kitchen to clean up remaining dishes from breakfast and try to find something else to eat for myself. Cough once. Run to bathroom and relieve myself of all earlier food while having Boo Bear look over my shoulder and bang me on the back.

  • Impromptu throwing up. Check!

Return to kitchen where Boo Bear climbs back into her high chair and says "eat!" Feed her some more fruit. Look for something new to put in my stomach. Sit down to work for an hour or so.

Change diaper. Pee Yew stinky! Bonus.

Walk Boo Bear across street to see neighbor's dog. Not there. Walk back. Check mail from yesterday. Load Boo Bear in car to head to store. Decide to stop by MIL's to see if she has the item I need. Thank you God for small favors. No trip to store.

Return home. High Chair. "Eat!" Attempt to feed leftover chicken nuggets from dinner last night. Child eats four bites. "dooooone!" Great. Make muffins. Mess up recipe as usual. Still works. Get muffins in oven.

Make sandwhich for self. Boo Bear insists on eating it with me. So much for "dooooone!" Work. Work. Work. Work.

Take muffins out of oven to cool. Feed Boo Bear again. Change diaper.


Put Boo Bear down for nap. Work. Work. Work.

Put finishing touches on muffins.

Find something else to eat. Work. Work. Work.

Pack muffins up and try to keep them airtight so that they will last until Saturday for Shower. Know glass container of cinammon over in the process.

  • Impromtu sweeping of floor and vacumming of floor to get glass and large amounts of cinnammon off of white tile floor and out of the cracks between tile. Bonus.

Return to work.

Type this post. As of posting this it is 3:18 CST and I have to shower and finish my day. My kitchen is a wreck and I'm exhausted already. So much for my to do list. Hope your list is going better than mine.


T said...

Nope, no better over here. Work, home and oh, wait no personal life. So yea, work and some aspects of home suck right now.

so, uh, cleaned your house lately? haha-

Kelly said...

Bless your heart! I came here from "In the midst of it" and I can just identify with your day so well:-)

I work from home too, and although my girls are now 8 and 10, I remember well those days with mess after mess. Add some nausea and exhaution and you have a full day! I loved reading your testimony- it truly inspires me. I grew up as a Christian, and take a lot for granted. It gives me goosebumps tp hear about how you have come to have a relationship with the Lord, and how it has freed you. What a beautiful message- thanks for sharing it.