Sunday, September 09, 2007

A doozy of a whoozy

Why is it that every 3-4 months blogrolling decides to work the way it says it does and actually list your blogs in the most updated order? Just curious.

Since my last post, life has gotten even more exciting. Can you believe it? On Wednesday, shortly after I hit publish on that glorious post, Boo Bear woke up from her nap with a fever of 103.7. Fabulous. Thanks be to God that hubby was able to come home from work early so that I could go to church for Word of Life. Boo Bear has been running anywhere from 99 to 103.7 since then and on Friday we finally broke down and went to the doc. There ensued much screaming, crying and whimpering. A blood test and urine bag, oh the joys, and 3 hours later, we have a diagnosis. Viral. I hate that word, viral. It seems to me, (I am by no means a doctor), that viral is the term for, "random illness that makes your life miserable." Until yesterday, Boo Bear showed no symptoms at all other than the fever, so that was good. The Virus did entail rearranging my work schedule on Saturday, the one day out of the entire year I was supposed to go into the office from 8-5. Hubby stayed home in the morning and I came home at noon to take over.

Did I fail to mention, I woke up Friday with a cold. Bonus for me.

Boo Bear woke up from her nap yesterday with her now typical fever as well as a puffy chin and cheeks. Small cause for concern, but nothing major. The doc mentioned she looked a little swollen on Friday. That didn't stop me from Googling "puffy face in toddler" which came up with Mumps. Small freak out. Then I noticed a rash around her ears. Googled that. Mumps, measles, rubella. Much larger freak out. Called my sister, who promptly told me to stop Googling stuff and step away from the computer. I did finally call the doctor's after hours number, which ended with us going to the ER once again. Why, why, why do children only get sick on the weekends? I despise the ER, as I'm sure most people do. Boo Bear always manafests some weird symptoms at precisely 5:01 PM on a Friday or something, almost ensuring us a trip to the ER. Most likely because of liability issues they always tell us to go, but since I am a first time Mom, I tend to lean towards the "better safe than sorry" and "what if it is something horrible and I don't take her" side of things.

So 3.5 hours later, sure enough, just viral, similar to Roseola, should start breaking fever now that rash is spreading across her face and all over her torso. She did however manager to get an ear infection between the time we went to the doc on Friday and Saturday night at 11:30. then it took us almost half the time in the ER to just get the prescription written and filled. When I walked up to the counter at the 24 hour pharmacy, the guy told me 30 minutes. 30 minutes!!! It's midnight on a Saturday night, you've got to be kidding me! So we went and did what any normal people would do, we went and got a Frosty and french fries. We got home around 12:30 or so and Boo Bear and I crashed. Hubby stayed up because he is weird like that. Really he just needs time to wind down.

Today we both feel like crap and are trying to balance each other out. We have watched the same silly baby song video 3 times and I've had about all I can stand. 2.5 hours until bedtime and counting!!!!

Hope your weekend is going better than mine! Tell me something fabulous, great, or a juicy secret. I'm grasping at straws here!

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