Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Raising a Shoe Maven

Boo Bear is obsessed with shoes. First thing in the morning generally, she wants her shoes on, right that minute. Part of her obsession is that she associates shoes with outside and she loves outside. But I don't think that explains why she constantly picks other peoples shoes up, even in the doctor's office waiting room if they will let her take them off their feet, which, ewwww. If my shoes are laying around, which they always are, because I hate wearing shoes unless absolutely necessary, she is constantly bringing them to me, throwing them down and giving me the "put them on" look.

Just now I looked down and was so proud to see she got one shoe on the right foot and in the right direction all by herself. Then I realized she had the other shoe on completely backwards. How it was staying on her foot, I have no idea. Now she has both on the right feet. The straps aren't on, but she is working on that. Now if I can get her to go pee pee in the potty, we might be ready for The Bellybean when he/she arrives.

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