Monday, October 01, 2007

The Epitome of Faith

I cannot begin to fathom what this family has gone through in the last couple of weeks, months, etc. But I can tell you that their faith through it all has been so encouraging to me. Before you click that link, beware, there will be tears. It is a very sad story, but a very uplifting one as well.

I cannot do the story justice, but the short version is that their second daughter had Trisomy 18 (you can click on a link on their blog to get more information on this) and originally they were told she would probably not make it to birth. Not only did she make it to birth, she lived 8 days, which is rare as they usually only give children with Trisomy 18 a couple of hours after birth.

If you can make it through, I would encourage you to read through the posts of the last month or so. The faith this couple has in the Lord has opened my eyes to what true, unabiding faith truly is. Incredible -- truly awe inspiring to me.

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