Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Joys of Parenthood

These days I find myself spewing words that I never thought I would say for any reason before I had children.

Things like these gems have flown from my mouth recently.

"Get your hands out of your pants." Said as she has her hand down the back of her diaper. Don't go there!

"Would you like for me to wrap up teddy in the blanket?" Said when she plopped a huge teddy bear and a blanket in my lap and walked away.

"Quit licking the grocery cart."

"Get off the floor!!!" Said as she wipes her entire body across the floor (which of course is not clean!) She does this everywhere, the grocery store, someone else's house, outside.

Oh the joys.

We had a little bit of a scare last night. As I was getting gas on my way to my Grandmother-in-laws' for dinner, my MIL noticed that Boo Bear's top right two teeth looked odd. I climbed in the car to get a better peek. Sure enough, the gum looked like it was swollen and was covering almost completely her top middle tooth and the one to the right of that. I tried scraping at it gently thinking it might just be food or something. Nothing came off. I was a little worried, but said I would wait until I had a chance to brush her teeth. We got to dinner and I caught a glimpse of her teeth again and it really had me worried.

I'm going through all her recent tumbles trying to remember if she hit her mouth. I can't remember one in which this happened. I am going through the scenerios of dead teeth and all that that might mean. I am trying to not freak out and not think of the fact that we have no dental insurance, that we are still paying off a large amount of ER bills (2 visits) and trying to just trust that it is all in God's hands and that nothing is the end of the world when it comes to teeth.

I was doing pretty good until hubby got there and he took a look and was horrified. We looked up at the roof of her mouth and that was gray too. It was really scary looking, yet we could not figure out how in the world she could have hit her mouth that hard and had us not notice. I was having a serious case of Mommy Guilt. "Do I brush her teeth enough? Should I brush them more? Do I give her too much juice? How could I not notice if she killed her teeth?"

We ate dinner after praying that God would somehow heal her teeth. After hubby was laying on the floor playing with Boo Bear. All of a sudden he points at Boo Bear and yells, "It's all gone!" We are all looking at him like he is crazy. "What's gone?" I ask. "Her teeth are fixed." Sure enough!! We looked again and her teeth were fine. I guess it was food after all. I had given her grapes as a snack before dinner at our house and somehow a skin had managed to seriously attach itself to her teeth and the roof of her mouth in such a way that it looked like her two top right teeth were dead. Talk about answered prayer!!! Praise God that it was nothing serious! We had a good laugh over it for sure.

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