Monday, January 12, 2009

Matthew 7:13

Jesus is talking about the way to heaven. When we come to forks in the road, hard decisions, day to day life, everything, the hard way is rarely the way that we would choose. In general we choose to go the path of least resistance, which usually happens to be the path that most everyone else is on. We cave to our selfish desires to be comfortable, to have it easy, to not have to face the difficult decisions, even when we know they are the right decisions. Many times we face a situation, knowing that if we choose one way, it will be harder, but probably best in the long run and we face an option to choose the easy way and usually avoid any discomfort, but also in turn avoiding not only the true issue, but the blessings we might have received had we chosen correctly.

The road to God through Christ is narrow and many choose to ignore it, choosing instead to believe that since so many more people are on the broad road, that one must be right. We find comfort in numbers, believing that the majority is always right. Sometimes the majority are just lost.

It is easy to see the wide path when looking for options, but finding the narrow path requires searching, asking tough questions, suffering consequences for our sin and moving forward in faith and trust that the God who made us and all that we know will get us through to the other side.

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