Friday, January 30, 2009

Tagged in Facebook, use for blog...

I still can't understand how so many people have time for the social media thing. I don't et my laundry done as it is...

Anyhooo. .. did this in facebook and thought, hey let's post something over here. If you feel so inclined, do it yourself and drop me an email, twitter me, facebook me, whatever it's called and I might see it when I dig out from my never ending pile of things-to-do-that-seem-to-never-get-done.

So I present, 25 random, and possibly strange, things about me.

1. I have never plucked my eyebrows. Ever.
2. I have been married 5 years.
3. We went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. I highly recommend it!
4. My husband and I quit drinking in August of 2008. We decided that the way we used alcohol was not honoring to God nor was it setting an example we wanted our children to see and follow.
5. After many years as an atheist, agnostic and growing up Jewish, God opened my eyes and saved me in June of 2007.
6. Being a Christian has brought me more joy, happiness and peace than I ever thought was possible and in a way I never imagined was possible.
7. I love my two girls, but would love to have a boy next time. Not sure I would know what to do with one though!
8. I have worked for The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center for almost 10 years.
9. I have a BS in Kinesiology with a minor is Psychology. I do marketing for a living and I love it!
10. I don’t understand how so many people have so much time to blog, twitter, facebook, etc. How do you guys get anything done?
11. My favorite sound in the whole wide world is the sound of my girls laughing.
12. I have a foot fetish. Don’t come near me with those things. Toe fungus commercials creep me out.
13. I used to be a personal trainer. Now I work out about once a year.
14. I have a brother and a sister that are the same age for 8 months out of the year, but the only way they are related is through me. (Technically they are both half, but I have never ever thought of them this way.)
15. I am a very selfish person. I am trying very hard to overcome that.
16. I want to be a better wife and mother than I am.
17. I am really bad and keeping up with people.
18. Most weeks I don’t go anywhere except Walmart and Church.
19. I am an extremely amatuer photographer, but I would love to spend all my time taking photos.
20. I have a blog, but rarely post on it anymore. Doesn’t matter cause my 5 readers I had before have long since disappeared.
21. Both of my daughters were born the day before they were scheduled to be induced, a week late. They like the threat of induction apparently.
22. I wish I was better at doing the family thing. I am bad at keeping up with my family.
23. I went to 5 different elementary schools in two different states.
24. I lived in Mexico when I was little and spoke pretty good Spanish. That’s all gone now, despite 4 years of Spanish between 8th grade and college. You don’t use it, you lose it.
25. I am not going to tag anyone for this since most everyone who cares to do it, already has.

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