Friday, November 19, 2010

Losing Focus

How quickly the desire for gratitude gets lots in the everyday monotony. Lord, help me to focus on you. As a friend said this week, "Look at Him, Focus on Him." And so that is my goal, to refocus, to stay focused, especially as we go into a busy season that gets lost in materialism, I pray that I will not allow those things to steal my joy. My joy that belongs in and to my Saviour. And so I will write the words out each time, to train and to remind myself, "I am thankful for..."

#13. I am thankful for fall leave collages with two small girls.
#14 I am thankful for no throwing up in the middle of the night.
#15 I am thankful that though I am ungrateful and wretched, I can go to my Lord without fear and tell Him how I really feel.
#16 I am thankful for Friday's off. I am thankful that I work for a company that allows me to work part time from home. I am thankful that I get to be the one that sees my children grow up. (Lord, help me to remember this when I am answering the 500th question of the hour.)
#17 I am thankful for a husband who works so hard and never complains.
#18 I am thankful for the abundance, we want for nothing and have more than we ever deserve and yet most of this world goes without.

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