Thursday, October 13, 2005

What to do with a belly for Halloween?

I don't really want to go to a costume party dressed as a pregnant nun. That's so old news and so ordinary. So I'm looking to you dear internet and your breadth of creativity to help me come up with a costume for me and my belly.

Some ideas I have seen are to go as Brittany Spears pregnant and my hubbie to go as Kevin Federline, but I don't think I want to show that much skin and I don't think I can talk hubby into that one. Also, painting the belly. I also thought I could just take a baby outfit and pin it upside down onto a shirt and go as a pregnant Mommy. Boring.

So help! What should I go as? Possible prizes to be awarded for best ideas and the idea that I use. Special bonus points for it being cheap and easy, because, hello, I'm pregnant!

1 comment:

Em said...

When Becky was pregnant with Max she had a "Bun in the Oven" costume - bet she could tell you how she did it - it was SUPER CUTE!