Monday, May 08, 2006

Four Months

Dearest Daughter,

Four months have passed and I can hardly believe how you are growing and changing. Before my eyes you morph into a new being each day.

You have discovered your hands and are starting to discover your feet. You like to see if you can get both hands in your mouth and constantly have a face full of drool. You have accidentally rolled over a couple of times and it amazes me. You have recently found your voice and are not afraid to use it. You talk to me while I work and have great conversations with Daddy. Your talk makes me laugh and that makes you laugh. I could go for nights with no sleep as long as you show me that smile. I could live on your smiles and I do.

You love to stand up with my help and will walk if encouraged. That scares me to death. I cannot even begin to imagine how my life will be affected when you are mobile. You are a very active child. You hate just sitting and most of the time we have to walk around with you to entertain you. You get bored very easily as well. You are usually not content with just sitting, but must stand. You kick your legs so much while in your crib that we cannot keep a blanket on you nor can we keep you facing in one direction. I fear and look forward to when I will have to chase you around the house. I don't see how I will ever get anything done.

You do not like to be restrained at all and rarely do not protest at least a little when I put you in your car seat or even your swing. You will be a free spirit I think. Not wanting anything to hold you down or in.

You love looking at yourself in the mirror and will smile and laugh at yourself. I will put you in your on the bathroom counter while I get ready and you love to entertain yourself in the mirror.

At times you are very serious and I can constantly see your little mind taking in your surroundings and learning from them. You sometimes stare off into space, but even then I can tell you are thinking about something.

Your hair is falling out and you hardly have any on the right side of your head. You have a nice comb over on the other side and we call you Trump Jr sometimes. Your new hair is coming in much lighter which makes sense since both Daddy and I were tow headed.

You have recently started grabbing your ears with both hands all the time. The doc says nothing is wrong so that is good, but it is rather strange behavior.

Your Daddy and I love you very much and cannot wait to see what the next month, days, weeks bring.


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