Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's in the letter J?

Stolen/borrowed/whatever from TwinsMom. This should be interesting. I think hers was easier.

Using the first letter of your first name, write 10 things that mean something to you.


Jazzy: Well, it's one of my nicknames and it's important to me to live up to my name, so I try to be jazzy at all times, or at least some of the time, because being jazzy all of the time would be annoying.

January: The month my daughter was born and my life changed forever and for better.

Okay, I'm pulling out the dictionary, because really, how many things start with the letter "J".

Jalopy: My old car. It wasn't a total jalopy, but close to it and getting closer everyday. Some days I really miss that car...

Jaunt: I really do love to take little jaunts to new places. Of course I don't normally call them jaunts, I call them drives or trips like a normal person of today.

Jewels: Now what woman doesn't like jewels? Even Savannah is already enamored with my jewelry. Boy are we in trouble! My favorite jewel is of course my beautiful engagment ring that hubby picked out all by himself.

Jest: I have been known to say funny things and I love a good laugh. A good sense of humor makes life so much brighter.

Judaism: I am half Jewish, or part or still learning who I am, but part of my family is Jewish and they mean a lot to me.

Jellybeans: I loooooove me some jelly beans, but JellyBelly only please!

Java: java, coffee, nectar of the Gods, whatever you choose to call it, it helps get me through the day.

Jeans: There is nothing better than a good pair of jeans--comfortable with just the right amount of sexy. The kind you can wear with a t-shirt or with a cute top and it's all good.

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