Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Always do the right thing in any situation. You never know who might be looking to you for leadership.

This thought came to me the other day as I drove down a very busy road near our house. I watched as a couple cars pushed the limit to make it past a school bus as it slowed down for a stop. As I looked in my rear view mirror, not many cars behind me were slowing down. I started to stop and the cars around me started to stop. Would they have stopped if I hadn't, who knows? But some times we watch those around us to see how we should act or react.

A friend recently sent me a video clip of a news program that was doing some experiments to see how people reacted to a little girl being kidnapped. The experiment was set in NYC and a 7 year old girl was acting like she was being taken while a man reprimanded her for running off. The little girl kept screaming, "You're not my dad!" over and over. For hours they acted this scenario out and no one did a thing. People gawked and stared, but did nothing. After about 3 hours finally two guys in their early twenties and another guy in a car finally did something. The mother of the little girl watched the whole thing in horror.

So many times we watch those around us to see how we should act. We wait for someone else to rush to the rescue. We say to ourselves, "someone else will help them, I don't want to get involved." It's so sad, but it is true.

So do the right thing, be a good leader, you never know who might be watching, especially our children.

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