Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tidbits of Hubby Humor

While flipping through the channels and coming across the Football game last Thursday between Pittsburgh and Miami,

Hubby: "Look, it's Pittsburgh and Missing In Action."


Preface: We have an outdoor cat named Tigger.

Hubby: "Whadda up my Tigger?" (Said in the way Conan O'Brien says "Whaddup my babieees!"

I gave him THE LOOK, (I HATE the N-word) and he says, "What, that's how you greet the cat homeys."


My hubby is very hard on his cell phones and we have to get him a new one about once a year. His current phone is at the end of its life. The end button and down button and various others no longer work. In order to hang up his phone he has to hit a series of buttons. I joke that he is entering the secret code. I told him, "We've discovered Mission Impossible IV, hanging up your phone."


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