Monday, September 04, 2006

What's in a name?

A couple weeks ago Barb at A Chelsea Morning asked how we came up with our blog name. Because I am busy (read: a mother of a 7.5 month old) it has taken me this long to write the story.

Shooter is my nickname given to me by my darling husband. Interesting name you say? Technically Shooter is only half of it. My full nickname in all it's glory is Pooter Shooter. Now, while you go get that visual/auditory out of your head, I'll wait. It really has nothing to do with either pooting or shooting. My husband generally finds nicknames for everyone he becomes close too. Some are more creative than others. When my hubby and I were just friends, he started trying to come up with a nickname for me. The first one he tried out was Cheeseballs and frankly, I didn't quite like that one. Again, doesn't bring up the greatest visual. Well, one day he started calling me Pooter Shooter and it stuck. The nickname has many variations, some of which I never thought I would find endearing, but I do. He may have to stop using them thought when Boo Bear gets a little older. It will be hard enough when she tells her teachers that her Mom's name is Shooter, but using some of the other variations such as Shooter Acapulco, poo head, poo poo shoo, poo shoo, may just get her kicked out of school.

The station part of Shootersstation comes from a gun range that I pass on occassion, it's name is Shooter's Station, hence the name of the blog. I am not a "shooter" of real guns, wasn't raised around them and don't care to shoot them at all. They make me nervous, but I thought it sounded like an interesting name for the blog, so it stuck.

And that is how I came up with this here blog's name. How about you?


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

I proclaim myself Supermom. That is how my blog got it's name LOL!

Star said...

Wednesday is my day off from work. So I look forward to Wednesdays Off.