Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Look Ma' no Helmet and Shellfish you are dead to me

Look Ma, No Helmet!!!
Behold the beautiful round head!

I am so glad to be done with that helmet. The doc said, "put it on the mantle, you're done!" Music to my ears! She has only hit her head once so far (you can see it in this photo) and she didn't even cry. That will change soon I am sure. are dead to me...

In September when we went to Austin to visit my sister and grandma, we ate at this restaurant that we have eaten at for years. They have really cheap peel and eat shrimp, and me, I loves me some scrimps. A couple hours later I started itching really badly on my stomach and my armpits and around my bra-line. We had left the window open while we were gone, so I thought maybe some no-see-em's (biting bugs) had gotten in and attacked me. I am very sweet (oh, you shushums) and I get bit everywhere I go by anything that can bite. I got bit at the butterfly exhibit at the museum, proof in point. Anyways, I took a shower and that seemed to help, and put on some Aveeno lotion and went to bed and the next day I was fine, so I didn't think any more of it. A month ago, I was back in Austin when my grandmother fell and broke her hip. Mom and I went and ate at the same place once again and had peel and eat shrimp once again. A couple of hours later and I am broken out in hives on my stomach, back, inner thighs, all around my chest and bra line and my neck. I also was having trouble breathing and was without my inhaler. I took a bath and I finally managed to scrounge up some Bena*dryl cream and some Bena&dryl caps and took them, but this reaction lasted a lot longer. When my Mom came home, she broke the bad news to me, it seemed I probably had an allergy to shellfish. What the???

So this morning I went to the doc and he said they could send me to the allergist to get tested to make sure, but it sounded like I was in fact allergic to shellfish and should avoid it altogether. I would go to the allergist just to make sure it wasn't just something in that one restaurants shrimp (I know, wishful thinking), but my insurance won't cover it and I'm not paying out of pocket for them to tell me what I know deep down already. Doc wrote me a Rx for an Epi Pen (sp?) and told me to stay away from all shellfish.

Goodbye scrimps that I love so much. Goodbye yearly crawfish boil with friends. Goodbye, lobstra, my dear friend. And goodbye soft shell, hard shell, all shell crab, my dears I will miss you so. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....


And now for the not so funny. I have been praying my little heart out for two fellow bloggers that are going through horrific times in their lives and my heart is breaking for them. Both of these links are very, very sad, so read at your own risk.

Charming B. and her husband it seems have lost the battle to save their son. It is hard to tell from her latest post, but the situation was not looking good. I cannot begin to fathom their pain and grief. I cannot imagine how they will handle that pain, but I know they will, for they are strong, beyond what I could hope to be. I pray for peace and strength and hope for them in the days, months, years to come as they grieve the loss of this precious life.

This couple, I found just a couple of days ago through BusyMom (she can be found over there on the right). It seems the wife came down with some sort of sickness the week of Halloween and this week they are struggling to keep her alive. They aren't sure what the root problem is, but they are struggling to figure it out. They are so young and have two children. Another experience that makes me hold my family close and remember the things that really, really matter.

Pray for both these families this week and hold those dear to you close and tell them that you love them, for tomorrow brings things we do not know.

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