Thursday, May 03, 2007

Things I never thought I would do...

In my early twenties I was cool. Or at least I thought I was. I thought I would never give up the all nighters. I would never ease up on my lead foot, I would never do this or that or the other...

There are always things we think we will never do.

Things like...

I never thought I would like watching the Food Network, until I became a Mom and started cooking every night. Okay, almost every night.
Speaking of...I never thought I would cook dinner every night.
I never thought my husband would call me a good cook. (Or anyone call me a good cook for that matter.)
I never thought I would ever think a child leash would be a good idea, until I had a baby who never stops moving and refuses to hold my hand.
I never thought I would use a pacifier, until I had a sucker of a baby.
I never thought that playing with my daughter would be better than a night on the town.
I never thought that I would drive below the speed limit, just to be safe. (Okay, maybe not below the speed limit, but at the speed limit is pretty good. )
I never thought that being able to go grocery shopping by myself would be considered a break from the grind.
I never thought that a gir's night out might be more trouble than just staying home with my family.
I never thought that I would share my thoughts, ideas and everything else with the world.

What did you never think you would do when you were young?

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Star said...

All the same things.