Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pet Peeve of the Day

I had to make a trip to the mall today to buy some makeup and some other things. Our particular mall has 3 major escalators and 2 elevators, not to mention escalators within the department stores. As I pull up to the elevator with Boo Bear in the stroller, more and more people begin to pile up around the elevator. They crowd in front of the door. This drives me crazy anywhere because, duh, people have to get off when those doors open. But the part that drives me the most crazy is that over 75% of the people that get on the elevator with me are people who look to me like they can a) walk just fine b)are capable of using an escalator and c) are not in a position where they are forced to use the elevator(i.e. no wheelchair or stroller). I would happily use the escalator; it's faster, even if you have to walk a little bit farther, but you see, I CAN'T! I have this toddler in a stroller that as much as I might enjoy teetering along on the escalator, them escalator peoples frown on doing that. It's not safe, so you see I have to use the elevator.

So do me a favor, if you must use the elevator, you lazy bum, please stand back, allow the current occupants off in a polite fashion -- don't worry we will all get on, unless of course you are a jerk and take up all the room, so that mothers with strollers cannot get on. And politely holding the door so that a mother who, although she wishes she had 4 arms, doesn't, so it's easiest if someone helps hold the door so that it doesn't close on her. Thank you.

What gets your blood pressure up?


snakeepoo said...

Oh I know!! Since we were just traveling, this one is fresh on my mind. When the gate agent calls for pre-boarding for first class passengers only and anyone else needing special assistance, everyone in the gate area feels the need to jump up and crowd around the boarding door like a herd of impatient cattle!! What is the point exactly? You know you are on row 10 and that we are going to board from the rear of the aircraft. What is the point of standing in everyone else's way? Kind of like the elevator door thing. Do you think they're going to board everyone but you? It's not musical chairs. You have an assigned seat. Please people, just do us all a favor and stay in your seat until they call your row. I promise you'll get on the flight. Just when it's your turn!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Mini Van Drivers or worse, a mini van driver on a cell phone.

Anonymous said...

people who drive down the middle lane forever before actually turning...

your sis

Becky said...

Public restrooms and people who hover pee.... the reason it is nasty to sit on public restoom toilet seats is because of people who are so afraid to sit down, which results in THEM peeing on the seat and then not cleaning it up because the seat is nasty!!!


Duke_of_Earle said...

-- Sigh --

The trouble is, Shooter, none of the insensitive jerks who DO those kinds of things would ever recognize themselves as jerks even if you rubbed their faces in it. I guess that's part of what makes them insensitive jerks, right?