Friday, July 06, 2007

Where in the world have I been?

Apparently one person misses me! Thanks Leah for wondering!!!!

Where have I been? I have been living a very busy life lately, some of it very exciting, some of it draining, and some of it life-changing. (No, I am not pregnant.)

In as short form as I can, here are some bullet points from the last month. Wow, over a month since I last posted.
  • Work, work, work and work.
  • Helping to take care of my grandmother in NM.
  • MIL two ruptured discs in neck. Very bad. No babysitter, also.
  • Broken toilet, flooded bathroom, hallway and my closet. Still not fixed.
  • Volunteered at Vacation Bible School. 4&5 year olds helped to teach me patience.
  • Swim lessons with Boo Bear.
  • July 4th, duh!

That is the basics. Of course there is more than just that, but life has been ticking along at a great pace and I am blessed every day.

Next week Boo Bear will turn a year and a half. Where does the time go? She is really starting to talk more and her vocabulary consists of saying everything twice. Bubbles, Bye-bye, cold, car, go, diaper, tada, baby, Mama, Dada, Pop, and a couple more I can't remember. She of course babbles along in her own little language.

The last couple of days we have been struggling to get her to eat anything other than bread or grapes or bananas. I realized that she was living off of carbs and fruit. So we are working on protein/meat and vegetables. Let's just say, it is a lesson once again in patience.

Boo Bear 4 Mom 1

Anyways, there is always more to write and more to do. I will try and write more often for you Leah and who ever else might still read this here blog.

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