Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Home Stretch

I'm still pregnant, we'll get that out of the way. As of Thursday, I was 1.5 cm and 80% effaced. It could be any day or it could be after my due date. Anyone care to take a guess. I'm not promising any prizes, just the satisfaction of being right.

I am quite a bit more uncomfortable with this baby than I was with Boo Bear, or at least as I remember it. At a shower a couple weeks ago, I was informed that I complained quite a bit about pregnancy#1. I would like to think that I just complain less now...

In the mean time, we have slowly gotten the baby's rooom closer to being ready for an actual baby. Dear friends from Church gave us a beautiful dresser that we got yesterday and I absolutely love. After the baby is born, I hope to possibly decorate the room around the gorgeous piece. I will get some pics to post later.

In Boo Bear news, the girl is growing so fast and is talking up a storm. She is with her Mimi and Poppi this weekend and Mom is getting a much needed day to chill out. Boo Bear is up to 4-5 word sentences. Not a ton of them, but some, mostly consisting of telling us what she is playing with. Her cutest moments are when she says "I ty again." (I try again) Alas, my daughter got my patience and the Lord is using this opportunity to work on my own patience issues. Not one of my better virtues, patience, so the Lord is working on us both to be more patient.

The other night at dinner, hubby sneezed and Boo Bear said, "Bwess you Dadddddy." We both looked at her like, where did that come from? It was too cute.

Since we moved her to the big bed, she gets up quite a bit earlier and every morning, I wait to hear the pitter patter of her little feet and then she throws her baby doll and any other toys she brings from her bed up onto the bed. Some mornings she will be content to lay there for a little while we continue to sleep. When she is done laying quietly, she will demand the "mote" and we will turn on the Disn*y Channel and let her watch, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Pickey and Gooshey!!!! are much demanded in the morning), Little Einsteins and then Han Manny or officially Handy Manny. Then Sesame Street. Some of you may recall the first year of her life, she watched zero television. Then we introduced Sesame Street when she got a little older as I needed more entertainment options for her while I worked. And slowly, we have used the TV just as most Parents use the TV, as a pacifier to get things done. So alas, all those of you who asked how I ever did it without TV, I don't do it without TV anymore. I do turn it off after Sesame Street and we don't watch any more after that, except for maybe an Elm0 DVD in the afternoon if work is busy.

I haven't yet figured out how I am going to manage two kids and working from home, but I know the Lord willl provide all I need to manage. I am ready as best as I think you can prepare for a second child.

Will keep you posted!

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