Saturday, March 22, 2008

How can I say this so that it's fresh and new?

No baby yet! But that's okay, this one just isn't done cooking yet.

In Boo Bear news, I don't know if I mentioned, but last Sunday we took her to her first movie. Horton Hears a Who and she did great. I expected to spend most of the show in the lobby chasing her around. We only had a couple instances of learning to be quiet in a theater and one point where I had to ply her with Reese's Pieces, but she actually sat through the whole movie.

Last night we dyed eggs and she was black from hand to elbow. She enjoyed it although it was late when we got home from church so she was tired. She enjoyed throwing the egg into the dye and then sticking her whole hand in to retrieve the egg. Her father let her do it of course, which is good because I never want her getting that dirty so don't let her have that fun. Her daddy and I balance each other out great.

Today her Winna took her to an Easter egg hunt at the VFW and she apparently just wanted to follow the Easter Bunny around and have him carry her. Too funny. No interest in the eggs at all until Winna told her to get some for Mommy and Daddy and Mimi and Poppi and Nana, etc. We will go to Church in the morning and then do a small little egg hunt at Winna's and then probably take it easy tomorrow. Who knows, maybe we will have an Easter baby!

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