Friday, May 06, 2005

What my brain can handle

No more yanky my wanky.

Had one or two too many drinkies last night. And now for a list of what I've learned this week.

I've learned this week:
I've learned that the time between Monday and Friday is relative to your workload.
I've learned that if I don't wear my clothes often enough, I find that my ass no longers fits into them.
I've learned that my husband I fight more when we drink.
I've learned that if my husband thinks I look, I believe I look good. At least for a little bit.
I've learned that most of the stuff on my desk goes in the trash.
I've learned that crying at night makes my eyes puffy in the morning.
I've learned that I cannot wear moisturizer at all. It makes me break out. And I've tried a ton of them now.
I've learned that whenever I'm running late, my water light goes on in my car and I have no gas, and my butt doesn't fit into any of my clothes. When the shit flies...
I've learned that if you enable people for long enough, you might as well just do it for them.

And that, folks, is all my brain can handle (I just typed candle instead of can handle)!

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