Friday, May 20, 2005

What a week!

What an incredible week. I started the week off feeling like crap. I just thought it was a hangover until Monday and then Tuesday. By 11:00 AM on Tuesday, May 17th, I felt bad enough that I left work. I took a nap and just laid around the house until about 4:00 eating nothing but crackers and toast. By 4:00 I decided I would take a preg test, just in case. As I waited the three minutes, totally expecting to have to make a doctor's appointment for a stomach virus, boy was I in shock when I walked back into the bathroom and say two pink lines.

What does that mean? Two pink lines? Well, right there on the stick it says I'm pregnant, but I don't believe it. I stood staring at the stick and saying OMG over and over. I then went to the trash and took the instructions back out of the trash and read them, OMG! It's real. I'm pregnant! It's really real. OMG, OMG, OMG, rinse, repeat!

I was so excited, I ran around the house, going OMG, OMG and He (hubby) has to come home right now. Unfortunately, hubby's business partner was in town and I knew they were probably coming by the house together. I really wasn't ready to share the news with anyone other than my hubby. Sure enough they came to the house. We should the partner around the house and then we decided we would all go to dinner. When was I going to get to tell hubby?! I had taken pictures, so when we got in the truck, I took the camera out and held it up to his face. He looked at for a couple of seconds and then looked at me and said "Are we really?" When I said yes, he got this huge grin on his face and immediately said he had to tell P (the partner). I tried to talk him out of it. I really wanted to get it confirmed by a doctor, but hubby was busting to tell anybody. I was too really. So we told P when we go to the restaurant. He is kind of a dry fellow, so his reaction wasn't the excitement I was looking for, but we were excited enough for all of us.

I have been pretty nauseous all week and living pretty much off crackers and toast and Gatorade. I haven't actually thrown up, thank G-d, but I feel like I am going to all the time. My heartburn kicked in pretty good yesterday, so I'm stocked up on Gavascon and Tums.

To add more fun to the mix, on Wednesday, our A/C was out at work along with our computer system. I went home a little early. Then I get home and our A/C at home is broken. Hopefully it is getting fixed today. Needless to say, I'm getting very little sleep and just trying to eat what I can, but I am so excited that I am pregnant and I can't wait for the journey.

P.S. G-d I know I told you that if all my stomach problems were due to pregnancy, that I didn't care, I would do it for the whole 9 months as long as I was pregnant. I see that you were listening and appreciate that, but could me maybe consider a little joke between us and at the most stick to the first trimester? Please?

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