Thursday, November 10, 2005

Breakin' into the Rap World

I may try to keep this here blog pretty clean, but in real life, I have quite the potty mouth. Some how typing cuss words makes me think twice about "saying" them "out loud". But stick me in a car in everyday traffic and I let it fly. I have even had a baseball player tell me to watch my mouth. That was in my college days where not only did I cuss like a sailor, but I was the Captain Cusser. Now I try to curb it a little more, and there are certain terms that I just won't use anymore except for if I am dangling off the deep end by one thumb, but I still cuss quite a bit. I'm trying to cut down on that of course so as to not have my baby's first word come out as Sh&% or F#$%. My husband doesn't cuss at all. He might occassionally let one slip when he is really mad, but never around me does he let one fly. My husband is constantly calling me big cusser and telling people he is married to a sailor. Just now my husband told me my rap name is Big Cusser.

"I love it when you call me Big Cusser"

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