Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What exit should I take to sleep?

My MIL recently bought a house in our neighborhood, one street over actually and we are so excited to have her so close. She is very excited as well. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for her to sell her house in town, so she is commuting back and forth in the interim. Last week, hubby went down to get the guest bed from her house so that she would have something to sleep on in the new house. Thinking that the box spring and the mattress were wedged in good enough with boxes on the trailer, hubby made his way back north on 45. About half way into his trip, a couple people pulled up beside him honking and pointing. Hubby looked and looked before he realized that the mattress had flown out of the trailer. Not knowing how far back it had flown out, hubby circled around and around in search of the mattress, he finally found it. Luckily it had not caused an accident and had somehoe flown across two lanes to land on the left shoulder. Fortunately, the mattress was salvageable. Unfortunately, the shoulder was so narrow, that hubby might have been killed trying to load it back onto the trailer. Needless to say, MIL was not thrilled about the loss of her mattress.

My Nana-In Law called my MIL the other day and said, "I was just calling to see what exit I'm sleeping at next time I am there." That lady cracks me up!

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